Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knock Knock!

Knock knock! Anybody there??

Hello everyone! I'm not dead yet! :P

Feel like dancing right now. Okay, exam has not ended yet, I know. There's one more paper, Accounts on Monday but tomorrow's holiday! Good Friday, indeed. XD I'm gonna lay down on the sofa for the whole day as if it's nobody's business. Sigh, I really wonder when I'm gonna start exercising. Wendy and Lee, badminton on Saturday? :P

I'm kind of afraid to go back to school next week actually. I don't want to get my results back especially you-know-which-ones. Okay, to make it simple, everything. Life would be so much simpler like that don't you think?

I've been watching quite a lot of SNSD videos nowadays, you know, giving me motivation to work my ass off in exercising but I haven't moved an inch. Sigh... I'm to mesmerized by their perfect bodies. It'll be an unreachable aim for me though. :(

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  1. But I'm having my percubaan on this sat =( I don't even know how long I have to wait. Bless me =)