Friday, May 21, 2010

First Day of Exam

EXAM. *does the Dingnism sign*

SO, today was Malay and English paper 2, wasn't it?

Malay was... OKAY, I guess?? But the komsas part was ridiculous.

Mengapakah tindakan Tuan Puteri Dayang Seri Jawa terjun ke laut adalah tidak wajar? Berikan 4 alasan anda.

Trust me, my answers were funny and stupid. I doubt that I can get 4 marks for my answers. OH WELL.

And am I considered stupid for not knowing that we have 2 questions for the novel part? I was like, OH NO! when I saw two questions with 7 marks for the first one and 8 marks for the second one. But thank God, I was able to finish everything in time. As for Tatabahasa part, especially the bina ayat part..... HAHA. I wrote down anything that came to my mind when I saw the word. May God bless me.

ENGLISH paper 2. The objective part was OKAY, the summary was fairly easy as well as the literature part. As for the short stories question, who would have expected that kind of question?? Because usually questions that we will get are like... on themes, moral values and characters.

Do you like the ending? Give reasons to support your answer.

Once again, thank God because I actually read the short story. Twice, even.

Curse the night before, I couldn't sleep and woke up with a bad headache today. And sat exam with my head throbbing like hell and my stomach growling. No time to eat, how sad. =(

So what's for next Monday? History and Malay paper 1. *cries* But I refuse to revise today.

Message to myself : GOOD LUCK!!

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