Sunday, May 2, 2010


This is a blog entry written by a talent manager, Ichii Hoshi. He talked about Yamada. Awww... Yamada is such a sweet guy. =) He's close to perfection already if you overlook his height. ^^

Yamada Ryosuke.

The drama Hidarime Tantei Eye has started last week.
We first met 3 years ago during the drama Tantei Gakuen Q. At that time, the main cast was made up of four 14-year-olds. Even so, Yamada was the most matured one. In the changing room, his smile was no different from other 14 year old teenagers and you could see the cute side of him.
I like Yamada because he has a cute side and good acting skills.
When Yamada speaks during filming, he is focused. He gets into character and uses his body to act rather than his head. He has gained the trust from the cast and staff and it is obvious when you're there. I can't sense that he is embarrassed or hesitant when he acts. He is truly a natural.
Even though he's a top idol, he doesn't show off and that is his charm.
On our day off, the cast and I went to the near by amusement park. We rode on a few rides and went fishing for trout at the end of the day. It was fun but I was scared of the fish and asked for help. After that, we grilled and ate the fish together.
Once, the station that we were supposed to meet at had a large crowd of people. When I took a look, I found Yamada in the middle of the crowd. He's always punctual for meetings. He did a quick introduction of himself until we reached the bus that took us to our destination. There are so many wonderful memories because of the little happenings every now and then.
Yamada is loved by both fans and staff.
He is becoming an actor whom more and more people cannot take their eyes off. This is definitely because of his reassuring acting skills as well as his gentleness.
I'm looking forward to the enjoyable events that will happen from now on.

I think I've fallen in love with him once again. xD

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