Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Unexpected Morning....

So, last Sunday my parents and I went for jogging (well, to be exact, it was more to walking xD) around Aman Perdana. As we were jogging, this poor doggie came to us. I think he was asking for help because there was this very quite fierce dog following him behind. So, mum shoo-ed that fierce dog away with a wood plank and the poor doggie continued to follow us. He followed us throughout the whole jogging session. Lol.

Here he is. I wonder if he has a master. Poor thing. =(

If you look carefully, you can actually see Poofie, that doggie and my parents. And yes, I am wayyyy behind because I walk like a tortoise. This is an undeniable fact, I must say. xD

Poofie staring at that dog.

And... they got nearer and nearer until...

They said HELLO! to each other~

Poofie got annoyed and immediately hopped away. HOPPED with all his four legs. Lol. That scene was seriously hilarious. =D

After walking two big rounds, he got tired and there he went...

Later, I carried him back while my parents continued walking. You know what? That poor doggie followed me back again. I kinda felt secured because I was DAMN AFRAID of that fierce dog. Curse him. =)

*off to do revision*

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