Saturday, May 8, 2010


What date is today?? 9th of May! What day is 9th of May?? YAMADA RYOSUKE's birthday, of course!!!


This post is going to be starring.......

2-year-old Yamada! What's with the hair btw?

Yamada is elementary school, I suppose??

Yamada in 6th grade. ^^

Movies and dramas acted by Yamada :

Amakusa Ryuu in Tantei Gakuen Q Special. (2006)

Amakusa Ryuu in Tantei Gakuen Q Drama. (2007)

Mukoda Katsumi in One Pound Gospel. (2008)

Guunjou Hayato in Sensei wa Erai! (2008)

Furuhata Ninzaburou in Furuhata Chuugakusei. (2008)

Takasugi Touichi in Scrap Teacher. (2008)

Kawai Yuji in Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide. (2009)

Tanaka Ainosuke in Hidarime Tantei EYE special. (2009)

Tanaka Ainosuke in Hidarime Tantei EYE Drama. (2010)

Concerts :

Hey! Say! JUMP First Debut Concert, Ikinari! in Tokyo Dome.

Hey! Say! JUMP-ing Tour 08-09.

Summer Tengoku Concert 2009.

Winter Concert 2009.

Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP.

I don't have the rest! ^^

Yamada with NYC Boys.

Yamada Ryosuke with NYC.

Yamada Ryosuke with Hey! Say! 7.

And lastly.....

Yamada with JUMP!


Happy birthday to Ding's sister too!! ^^

Fuyoh! Such a long one. Can't resist. =D

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