Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Greatest News in 2010

So, I took a few pictures of the steamboat I had for dinner on last Saturday. We had buffet steamboat at Subang. =)
Lots and lotsa food.

My food for the day. I know, I love tao pok, tau kee and mushrooms. xD

Scallops. Yummy yum yum! ^^ *Yan Ni's virus* LOL.

Their fishballs! Special aren't they? xD

Lol, I've just realised that this Watering Kiss Mint chewing gum I bought like maybe one year ago?? was endorsed by Yamapi. =D Just found out a few days ago. Heehee. Not bad though.


OMG!!!!!! OHMeDingnism!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!
Hey! Say! JUMP are going to release their first album this summer!! Which is like in between June to September!! You know what?? I am SOOOO going to buy it!!!!!!! *screams* JUMP fans' long-anticipated album is finally here~~~ This great news was announced at today's concert at Yokohama Arena!! Woots!!

Okay, enough of flailings. I am sooo over the moon now. My eyeballs almost fell off when I saw "Hey! Say! JUMP's first album". Lol.

Today's concert report.

Lol. They asked Yamada what he wants for his birthday and he replied that he wants "love" from the other members. Then Chinen started kissing him. =DDD And what the hell with Yokohama I love you?! HAHA.

So, I THINK I am going to read Biology now. Back to my super boring student's life. OH WELL.

The story behind this book :

Prema : OMG, Cheryl! Look! There's a dragonfly on your book!
Me : What?? Where?!
Prema : There!!! *points at book cover*
Me : ........................*speechless and gives her a murderer look*


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