Thursday, August 5, 2010

JUMP No. 1 in Taiwan

So, I went to tuition just now and just when the class ended, mummy called me. Sharp at 10pm.

Mummy : Er, guess what I want to tell you now.
Me : What?
Mummy : I saw HSJ on TV just now.
Me : Oh, really? Where?
Mummy : 100% Entertainment.
Me : Wow, what was that about?
Mummy : JUMP No. 1 is now available in Taiwan. I was shocked when they spoke in Mandarin. I didn't notice it was them at first and then, EI? How come so many people one? Then only I realised it was them.
Me : Oh.... *buckling up my seatbelt* WHAT?? IN TAIWAN?! *throws seatbelt away* Really? You're not lying to me? OMG MUMMY!! Got repeat or not??
Mummy : Got, tomorrow morning but you'll be on the way to school by then. And 2 in the midnight also got.
Me : AWWWW.. Why is this happening to me? MUMMY, you're NOT lying to me right??
Mummy : No lah, what for?
Me : Mummy, I am going to cry already.
Mummy : Siao po..
Me : Hehe. Thank you thank you! I can't wait to get home!!
Mummy : Okay, come back soon.

-end of conversation-

I know, I am crazy and believe it or not, I teared up. That old man Johnny-san is finally attempting something new to promote HSJ OUT OF JAPAN. Which is a good good GREAT AMAZING sign. xDD Oh, I am over the moon now. =) My mum heard wrongly, she thought HSJ are GOING to Taiwan to promote it, which made me hype up. Apparently, it's false. Oh, still, it's GREAT news! This might not be something new for the Korean Entertainment industry but for Japan, it's SHOOO COOL. =)

Here's the video and they spoke in Mandarin!!! HOW ADORABLE... The last part sounded a bit like Cantonese though. xD And their part starts from 1:50.

Video credits to ButterflyAFIACO2 at Youtube.

I posted this over at hey_say community too but it's member-locked so I can't paste the link here....


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