Friday, August 27, 2010

Hotaru no Hikari

Hmmm.. I have no mood to blog nowadays. I wonder why? I've been so free yet so busy. Free because I've been watching drama these few days and busy because I've been doing Accounts Project. I have to admit that I still have piles of homework waiting for me to finish them. I can't help but continue to watch dramas. =)
Anyway, I've been watching this drama, Hotaru no Hikari and I think it's pretty entertaining. This is the first drama with both male actors that I like at the same time. Normally, whenever I watch a drama with unsur romance I will definitely hate one of the male actors but not this case. =) So, I had finished watching Hotaru no Hikari yesterday and proceeded to watch Hotaru no Hikari 2.

Lead actress, Ayase Haruka.

I can't say that she's extremely pretty though. Just... pretty. Actually, I prefer Ishihara Satomi. =) But they look QUITE alike in some ways. Maybe their characters.

Lead actor, Fujiki Naohito. The doctor in One Litre of Tears.

Second lead actor, Kato Kazuki.

The season 2 of this drama is even more amazing. I absolutely LOVE both male actors. Gosh, when Mukai Osamu appeared in the first episode I was staring at him and thinking, "IKEMEN~!!" He is just so gorgeous. And most importantly, he's tall. =) 182 cm, if I am not mistaken... Don't misunderstand, I still love Yamada. No doubt. xD

MUKAI OSAMU. Second lead actor in Season 2. =)

Gosh, how can he be so gorgeous? How I wish there are guys like him in Malaysia. HEH HEH. =) When I first saw him in Scrap Teacher, I thought, "Wow, what a hot teacher." Lol. Then, I saw him in Seigi no Mikata again. Lee, remember him? Then Atashinchi no Danshi, as Horikita Maki's son, what the hell. Lee, remember him? In the very-handsome-old-man-drama that I told you before.Then Hotaru no Hikari 2. =) Gotta finish Atashinchi no Danshi, for his sake. xD

Random shoutout : HOTARU NO HIKARI 2 IS ONLY SUBBED TILL EPISODE 6!! GAHHH. But in Japan it has only aired till episode...8? I don't know. 0.o


Okay, just now when daddy and I were going out for lunch, he suddenly said that he wanted to go for a movie. He sounded so enthusiastic so I went upstairs to grab my jacket, just in case. HOWEVER, he suddenly said he'd rather watch from Youtube at home since it's free and relaxing. What the hell. Lol. And so I made him sweep the floor for me since he "骗我的感情". xDDDD Untung also lah.

Holiday on Tuesday! It means daddy's birthday too, the anak merdeka. =) Let's go celebrate! What shall we eat on that day, daddy? *ulterior motive*


  1. Yes? I didn't know that I'm anak merdeka. Lol. I think we should go eat french cuisine. There's one in Damansara that I find quite nice.

  2. Oh, really? Since you're anak merdeka then you should treat me. =) French cousine will do. xD

  3. I'm a librain. You can't even remember my birthday correctly, how am I suppose to treat you? I'll treat you french fries if you want it so badly. RoFL!

  4. REEEEEALY? Buy me French fries then. OHHHH, sorry yah for remembering your birthday wrongly. I even gave you your birthday present SOOOOO early. xD Happy ADVANCED birthday. =)

  5. Lol. If I'm going to Turkey, I'll be wishing you happy advanced birthday too.

  6. NOOOOOOO~! Daddy, I don't care if you're in Turkey. You have to wish me ON my birthday. =)

  7. :) Which teacher was the one dude in Scrap Teacher? I forget :/... And Hi Mr. Yap! :)