Monday, August 30, 2010

Fur and Hair

Today, we sent Poofie to the groomer at The Pet Family at Tesco. They asked us to wait for 2 hours so we went for lunch at Kenny Rogers and went shopping for some stuffs. After 2 hours, we went back to the pet shop. I actually ran on my way to the pet shop because I was so excited to see the "new" Poofie with my mum walking slowly behind me. When I reached there and saw him vaguely through the glass, I immediately turned back and ran back to my mum. I was SO SHOCKED because I've never really seen Poofie being a "real poodle" before because his hair was always long and unkempt. When my mum came with me to see him, we both laughed together at how silly he looked. Seriously, he looks so silly and SKINNY right now. But the groomer said he's quite "有肉" for a poodle.Mum asked the groomer to cut his fur as short as possible because it's all tangled up. Well, it doesn't matter since their fur can grow long very fast.

They said he was pretty well-behaved except when she was shaving his fur, he tried to bite her because it hurt.

This is how he looks like now :

Mummy has to carry him because he just doesn't let me take his picture. Argh.

This shirt was bought before he went for grooming and it fitted perfectly. However, after grooming........ He looks like he's suffering from leukemia or something. Lol. Had a great laugh with mummy just now. xD

Poofie and I, of course. =)

And speaking about grooming, I would like to talk about "human grooming" as well. =)

Yesterday, we went to my grandma's house to sort of "clean up" my grandpa. Haha. Okay, I don't know what word to use exactly, so I just used clean up. Aunty Lay Bee helped to cut his hair, mummy washed his hair and daddy dried up his hair. Lol. 3 clumsy so-called barbers working on an old man's hair. xD Well, my grandpa is currently suffering from lung cancer and has always been either lying down on the bed or sitting on his arm chair for not more than 5 minutes and he will return to his bed again. Looking at his fragile frame lying weakly on the bed is seriously very disheartening to see. But after "cleaning" him up, he sort of became fresher and he's now happier. He smiled at me yesterday, which made all of us surprised and shocked. And then today when my mum brought Poofie over to his place, he actually moved his hand and patted him. He smiled too. =) That's a good sign.

Here are the pictures. We all kept praising him that he looks handsome now. He got so shy and refused to raise his head to look at us. Lol. How cute of him. I've never seen this side of my grandpa so I felt happy for him.

Daddy drying up his hair. I've never seen this side of my daddy too so I was laughing in my heart. Lol.

It has made my realise the importance of taking care of our parents and I think I'm gonna do the same as well when it's time. xD Without us realising, I think they actually feel touched and happy seeing how everyone is working together to make them feel better. =) Everyone has to go through the same stage in life, right? Where we have to suffer from illness and face death someday, sooner or later. Even doing the smallest thing by accompanying him in the room will definitely make him feel better. Okay, what I did yesterday was helping him to change his socks and gosh, I did not dare to take them off too roughly because his pain receptors are super sensitive now. xD Not much, but still.... I can see that grandpa is very afraid now as he is waiting for the day to come. Every time I visit him, I can see that his eyes are teary and he can barely speak to me, avoiding himself from crying, I assume. He'll just stare at me each time I talk to him. He is refusing to eat now and his brain is getting worse. He actually can't remember things well because every time when we ask him to eat, he'll say, "Eaten." in Hokkien, of course. xD Yesterday my grandma called us to go to her house because grandpa wanted to talk to him but when we reached there and asked him what it was that he wanted to tell him, he said, "I've already said it." We were like 0.o and went speechless.

So, grandpa, I really hope you can hang on there as long as possible. =D And c'mon, eat please, kay? It'll not help you at all if you don't eat...

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