Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last Saturday when I went to my grandma's house, I visited this lady who takes care of around... 16 dogs, I guess? She's actually my grandma's neighbour and the 13 puppies she's taking care of are my grandma's dog's puppies.

Here are all the puppies and their mother. The rest were still sleeping in the cage. It wasn't actually a cage, they were just some metals, cardboards and cloth. But I am sure it's still cozy for the little puppies. =)

She carried the fattest puppy and let me take a picture of it. But too bad, it was too shy to even open up its eyes. Lol.

The kind lady~! She was reluctant to let me take her picture though. Initially she covered her face with the puppy. Haha. xD

She also has this dog which lives in the house and sleeps with her.

He is HUGEEE I can tell you. Of course, I screamed when he approached me. Lol.

I really salute this lady for being able to take care of so many dogs at a time. Without her, I bet all those puppies would have died of either being knocked down by a car or died of starvation. She kind of motivated me to be a vet but I am still considering. Oh man, this is hard, to think of your future. Everyone is saying, "Oh, you still have time, don't worry" but I can stop myself from worrying. I don't want to choose the wrong path to live the rest of my life. No one wants, for sure. xD

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