Friday, August 20, 2010


Hmmm... So, exam has just ended today huh? Puan Malar....... I don't hate you, I actually like you but why in the world did you tell us that only Kesukanan and Gimrama were coming out? Huhu... T_T I was like, wait, have I seen these before?! When I saw the words "pergerakan aktif" and "gimnastik artistik". D:

Okay, anyway, everything had ended and YAY~! Steamboat buffet tomorrow!!! ME WANTS TO EATS. =D

I don't know why but I took this random picture while studying Sejarah. Too bored, must be. =)

I was lying down while playing with my phone and ahha, snap~! Gosh, I need a proper camera for this. xD


Went to Tesco just now and bought myself YG which gave away HSJ's poster~! WEEEEE~!

Here's the poster :

It's HUGEEEEEE! As a comparison :

Huge, isn't it?

Heheh, I'm biased. But here's the original one from Potato August's issue.

Scan credits to.... the scanner. Lol.

Okay, random. xD

Wendy, look at this!!

This is the back part. xD

Oh, I've not used the computer for such a long time already. Lappie, I missed you~!!! Hmm, what should I do next then? Watched an episode of Natsuniji just now. Wanted to watch the next episode but it's still new so it has not been subbed yet. =( So gan jiong, you know...

Okays, shall go download some videos now. Buhbyes~!