Monday, November 29, 2010

This Is A HSJ Post

I have got to blog about this. Hey! Say! JUMP's new song is tooooo amazing! It's Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~ and there are lotsssss of different languages of thank yous in it! Here's the performance. Btw, the video is uploaded by Tan Siew Woon in Facebook. I wanted to embed a Youtube video here but well, you know, Uncle Johnny loves claiming his stuffs so... :)

Now, wasn't that performance perfect? Before this, when only Hey! Say! BEST performed it on YY Jumping, I was rather disappointed by the dance choreography but after watching this, I felt excited again! Hooray!! Although the dance for the chorus part is a bit lame, but still, I love it when the 10 of them performed it together! Plus, all of them got almost the same screening time albeit not all of them got close-ups but trust me, the Daiki close-up when he said, "Thanks" was absolutely lovable! Why must he be sooo adorable?! And and I love Yamada's dancing skills! He's so powerful when it comes to dancing. *drooling* Will be waiting patiently for their performance on Shounen Club. :) Oh, I've not flailed like this for such a long time in my blog already. It feels good. Ehehehe~! *poke*
Anyway, just for your entertainment, this is the list of the thank yous in different languages which can be found in the song.
  • テレマカシー – terima kasih (Indonesian and Malay) Happy happy~!
  • オブリガード – obrigado (Portugese)
  • ダンケシェーン – danke schön (German)
  • グラシアス – gracias (Spanish)
  • THANK YOU – thank you (English)
  • シェイシェイ – xiexie (Chinese)
  • スパシーバ – spasibo (Russian)
  • グラッチェ – grazie (Italian)
  • メルシーボク – merci beaucoup (French)
  • コップクンクラップ – khob khun krup (Thai)
  • サラマッポ – salamat po (Tagalog)
  • コマウォヨ – komawoyo (Korean)
  • ワンダナムル – wandanamuru (Kannada, spoken in India)
  • カムオン - cảm ơn (Vietnamese)
  • トーシャー – tosiah (Hokkien, a dialect spoken in Taiwan)
  • ムタシャッキル – mu tashàkkir (Some people say that’s Arabic, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. Edit: I’m being told that this is the Egyptian dialect of Arabic. Also, in Turkish müteşekkir means “thankful”.)
  • アサンテ – asante (Swahili and Yao, both spoken in several African countries)
  • トーシャー - Taiwanese (Hokkien)
Taken from Kamichan.
And btw, this is my 100th post! Cheers!

Oh, I'm too lazy to combine both pictures but there you go. JUMP in Hawaii!!! (From January 2011 issue of Myojo ) Uhmm, I'm sorry Daiki that you're cut into half. And Yabu, eat more please. :D

Edit edit : It's 12.00 a.m. in Japan now so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chinen Yuri! お誕生日おめでとう! You're 17 now! :)

Stay cute! Although you're pretty mature on the inside. xD

And I wish you'll be able to celebrate with your beloved Ohno-kun since his birthday was only 4 days before yours. Haha, they're like father and son here. xD

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