Friday, November 12, 2010


Hmm I guess today I'll be out with mummy the whole day so if you see me in town don't be shocked! *joking* We'll be going to Klang Sentral later to fetch grandma home and then Jusco will be our next stop as I wanna buy books. =) To be precise, a novel. I had seen Ding reading the Shopaholic series and they look interesting to me so I've decided to give it a try! But firstly I'll but Confessions of a Shopaholic. There are so many versions that I don't know which one to buy. Well, let's see which one's available in the book shop then.

As Ding had said, it's for light reading so I suppose it would be just nice for my holidays.

And speaking about holidays, next Tuesday will be the last day for me in school! MUAHAHAHA soooo happy!

Oh, yesterday I had discovered something terrible. HORRIBLE!!! Wendy Tan, I'm still sulking over it till now. Are you? Do you know what happened to our Add Math? Okay, the story's like this. We were required to answer 4 questions out of 5 for Section B and 2 questions out of 4 (?) for Section C but our papers were clipped wrongly so we saw the wrong question and did 3 questions for Section B and 3 questions for Section C instead. So, our extra one for Section C was canceled by our teacher and our 10 marks just *poof!* disappeared like that. OMGEEEEEEEE How can this happen to me?! Yesterday when I told Ding about this, apparently she said someone behind asked teacher about the pages but since Wendy and I were sitting in front, we didn't hear. Ish ish. =.=

Gotta go! Bye!


  1. Lol. Yeah. It's the greatest mistake ever. We've learnt the mistake now and promise not to repeat it AGAIN. But I'm already over it in 1119 class yesterday, can't cry over split milk. I have much greater problem than that now.. Sucks.

  2. But I have a feeling that I'll repeat it again. OH WELL. D: