Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guilty or Innocent?

Today, a friend told me,

Having a fandom is like having a boyfriend : STICK TO ONE!

Ahah! I guess I'm guilty for that but hey, I don't have a boyfriend now so I might as well be in multiple fandoms while I can. xD And Ding, you're guilty too, don't worry. You love almost EVERY Korean artist that has ever existed including old ones. LOL!

Well, but I guess even when I have a boyfriend it's okay to look at others? As long as my loyalty is towards him.... Right?

Okay, this is a TOTALLY pointless post. Just... had this conversation with two of my friends and it struck me so.. :S

Well, anyway. I am kinda afraid to attend school next week because it means getting back our papers. I don't even have one paper which I am confident with, which is terrible and horrible. How am I going to survive then? Getting colder and increasing heartbeat rates every time each teacher enters the class? :(


  1. Unlike me. Only loyal towards Nichkhun(2PM) FOR THE TIME BEING.

  2. SOMEMORE dare to say. You've changed for like don't know how many times. Lol. Let's see who you'll like after Nichkhun. xD

  3. Haha. You are actually looking forward for the next one? Lol.
    Actually, me too. =]

  4. Well of course I am! Let's see. =)