Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What if...

I've been pondering.....

What if... Our world changes and humans have no conscience at all in them? They can just act brutally without considering others' feelings and without the slightest guilt in them?

What if... They live only for themselves and whatever that happens to the people around them are not their business at all? Having friends will be like, just for the sake of having companions but when a friend faces a problem, it doesn't matter at all to them as long as they're not affected. How awful will that be?

Of course, this is not occuring to us yet but who knows what'll happen in the future? People will be living with ulterior motives and a hideous personality hidden in them. Maybe I'll eventually become one of them too. And once again, who knows?

I'm only using them because I don't think any of us living in this world is like that yet, and I certainly hope this will maintain eternally or possibly even better.

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