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Warning : This is a picture heavy post! With around 70 pictures! :)

Gonna briefly describe about my trip to Bali on last Friday which was on the 16th of December 2011 while my memory is still fresh!

First day, 16 December 2011

Meal on board! Air Asia's nasi lemak. Seriously not bad! I love the chicken! Although the sambal was a tad bit salty but I finished the whole thing with a slurp! Delicioussss.

After coming out from Garuda airport! With WK and his parents.

With daddy and mummy! Oh about the flowers around our necks. Everyone gets one after coming out from the airport! I guess that's how the Balinese welcome tourists to their country? :P

After checking into our hotel (Bali Rani), we went for lunch! The lunch wasn't included in our tour package though, we requested for an extra because we were too hungry as the meal on board obviously wasn't sufficient to satisfy us tam chiak people. Plus, we were excited to try out Balinese food! But curse me, I had forgotten to jot down the name of this food. But to describe it, it's chicken... with salted egg gravy... and the bones are edible. I remember something like the chicken is compressed at high pressure or something and thus the bones are crispy just like biscuits!

This is the same one as above but this is with egg I guess?

After that, we continued our journey to Ylang Ylang beach! I think that's how it's spelt. But from what I heard, our tour guide pronounced it as Yang Yang beach. Oh well. The scenery was so BREATHTAKING! We weren't allowed to actually go to the beach though, so we enjoyed the scenery from above a mountain.

Wk and I! It was super sunny that day, with a temperature of 40 degree celcius! Imagine that! *wipes sweat*

Daddy and mummy, as loving as always. :)

And then, we headed to Uluwatu! It's a beautiful temple with the magnificient scenery but there's a downside to the place. MONKEYS! -.-
When you're in Uluwatu, beware of the monkeys! That explains my pose in this picture. I was grabbing my glasses actually.
 They snatch whatever that is bling bling from you, like necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses and even normal glasses! Oh, slippers too. Apparently, they chew on the sneakily stolen slippers. WK's daddy glasses was snatched by a monkey that came from behind him at the highest speed (faster than light) and without giving him time to realise what was happening, his slight became blurry instantly. And then his glasses were worn by the monkey in no time. No use trying to grab the glasses back, you'll only get a snarl (with sharp teeth visible. I swear their teeth were really sharp) in return. The people there immediately handed the monkey some food to exchange it with the glasses but to no avail. The over-excited monkey happily threw the glasses below into the bushes (we were at a really high place, with the sea below us) and then the guy jumped down to the rescue. Actually I think the monkeys are trained to do all these evil stuffs. Because the man who managed to find the glasses came back up, asking for tips. When WK's mum gave him 20000 rupiah, which is around RM7, he said adoiii sikit nyeee. He demanded for 50000 rupiah which is around RM18. Well, what to do. They had to give him the money. Better than losing your glasses, no? WK's and Kei Kei's slippers were almost being snatched as well but luckily they responded quickly!

In the evening, we went to this place called Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK) to watch their traditional performance. I can't really describe about the performance though as I didn't really understand the story. However, the place was really crowded! Until we had to sit in front of the stage.

 Second day, 17 December 2011

At a Batik place! We were watching how the ladies there were drawing batik. Looked like a child's play to me though. -.-

Tada! The drawing on WK's mum's sleeve. You get to choose which drawing you want. :)

At Sahadewa Barong & Kris Dance Stage Chandra Budaya. Another traditional performance featuring Barong.

Lunch time! One of the most famous delicacies in Bali - Babi guling! I didn't know that the Balinese are actually Hindu-Buddhist! Our tour guide explained about Brahma, Vishnu and Siva as well! :D

This is the perfect place to visit as well when you're in Bali! Kintamani. It's on top of a mountain and so it's cooling! Even colder than Genting Highland, IMO. Because it was really windy!

Customary family shot! It was so high up that I had to hold on to anyone beside me since I'm acrophobic.
:( Nonetheless, I loved Kintamani!

Group photo! All of us knew each other before the trip so it was really enjoyable! Beautiful people with beautiful scenery. :P

Look at the mist!!

I didn't jot down the name of this place! Basically this is where they pray for those who had passed away (I think). We had to wash our faces thrice with the water. Obviously we didn't go into the water. :P

Since it was a temple, we had to wear sarongs as our pants were above knee-length.

I don't know the name of this market either so I'll just name it - The Desperado Market.
 The whole market was a flurry of activities with the sellers shouting out dirt cheap prices. I lost count of the number of stalls there as there were endless stalls. I walked and walked around the place and was welcomed by stalls, stalls and STALLS. Various of souvenirs were sold ranging from key chains, fridge magnets, bracelets, necklaces, slippers, clothes, posters, photo albums to decorative ornaments. Name it and you can find it there. Sellers there were so desperate begging tourists to buy, buy and buy. They would grab you on the arm and drag you into the stall with various souvenirs in their hands and some even hanging onto their shoulders. EVERYTHING WAS BARGAINABLE. Just walk away if they reject the price you offered and they will agree to it right away. O.o Our tour guide said all the stalls are owned by the same boss, it depends on how well you interact with and attract your customers.

The things sold were so cheap that mummy and Aunty Lay Bee was sitting in one of the stalls, choosing a gazillion of souvenirs. *hiperbola*

We had our lunch at The Pond at Ubud. Their specialty was duck meat but I ordered chicken.

Sate babi! A tad bit too tough but still delicious.

At night, we went for spa at Onasis, not very far from our hotel. This was not included in our tour package though. The place was really beautiful but the body massage was just okay.

3rd Day, 18 December 2011

Welcomed a new day at Taman Ayu Temple. Met a group of Japanese tourists there! Some of them were HSJ and Arashi fans! *happy*

It was drizzling.

Quickly entered the bus to head to our next destination for a journey of 1 & a half hours to the top of a mountain. Again, I had forgotten to jot down the name. WK ALWAYS notices the camera. Lol.

Mummy catching up with the camwhoring trend. This time, with everyone. Here's one picture with Lee Yang! Just, to kill time, you know. It would be pretty boring to just sit in your seat wouldn't it? This time, with everyone. Cheese!

Have to pose a bit one.

*coughs* Bollywood? Anyway, notice WK's oversized slippers. :P

The sisters! :D


A vain picture of me. With WK's parents photobombing me. Lol.

At Candi Kuning!

Another Bollywood picture of us. LOL.


My favourite place!! TANAH LOT! I wouldn't mind going there again!!

There was a guy surfing here! Everyone set eyes on him. Lol.

Another customary family shot! Love this picture! Although my hair looks kinda messed up.


This was the fun part! Look at the water rushing towards our feet! It was so strong that even my pants got wet. :P

Love this picture to the max! Thanks mummy. <3
Dinner at Lea Lea Seafood Restaurant. Initially, we were having our dinner on the beach and everything was perfect except that it was so dark that you wouldn't even know what you're chewing. You just... Chew. But then, tada~! The rain decided to fall. The 20 of us had to run into the restaurant like idiots. It was a really hilarious moment, I tell you.

A father-daughter moment. :)

And then! Mummy organised a surprise party! To celebrate Dua Kor and Dua Kor Tiu's 30th anniversary, Lee Yang's belated birthday and my birthday! :D Thanks mummy I love you! <3

Singing the birthday song~

Making a wish~

A kiss from daddy.

And a kiss from mummy! Actually I got many kisses. Lol.

Group photo! Notice my tour guide on the right of this picture. LOL.

4th Day, 19 December 2011 - Last Day

It's time to leave! Snapped a few photos at the hotel lobby.

Optical illusion - Uncle Tatt and daddy looked like they were holding hands. Haha!

With our Bali tour guide, Arta (IDK if it's spelt this way) and our Malaysian tour guide, Chester from NamYang Travel Agency!

Me and Dua Kor!




Some funny moments in the bus on the way to Garuda airport! Hello, I am Uncle Jackson.

Me is Uncle Tatt!
 Oh, before that, lunch!

Bye bye Bali!
Overall, it was an enjoyable trip! Very different from my trip to Japan! Hehe. Except the fact that I vomited twice on the plane during the flight back. :/ Tummy was full of air and my head was spinning like there was no tomorrow. The turbulence made it 100X worse. Anyway, here I am again in Malaysia! And going back to college soon. -.-

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