Monday, December 5, 2011

Before & After!

Ahhh I've so many things to blog about. Lol. I don't know which one to start first so I'll start randomly! :D

So, as usual, you get the satisfaction by canceling each subject on the timetable after it's done aye? I do that. Lol. In fact I feel like tearing the whole timetable apart but don't want lah, I sound like a paper sadist. Oh well. You get even greater satisfaction by throwing your books away after each subject! Okay, apparently I only cleared my books away after Physics paper. Hehe. To be more exact, Mummy did most of the job while I stand there telling her, "Hmm this one still want, that one don't want lah. Hmm this one give Lee Yang. This one I wanna keep. This one recycle." Yeah, that was what I basically did. But hey! After Accounts paper I cleared everything myself! *proud*

Here are some before and after pictures! :D

It's a total mess. Lol.

Tuition books, textbooks, school notes!

Gosh my towel. -.-

Cleared the files! All the tuition notes go into the big Jusco plastic bag! :D

The papers to be recycled, papers and books to be given to Lee Yang.

Soooo many files to be cleared out. I used to buy millions of files to keep my tuition notes. D: *hiperbola*

My Delta Accounts books! I think I'm gonna keep them! :D

Ahhh this picture's inverted. -.- I'm lazy to invert it back so it's okay I guess? :P SPM papers! Gonna keep them as well. Keep them as torturing sweet memories. Teehee.

TADAAAA! My end product! Man I feel satisfied. My table is hardly this... Empty and shining. Bling bling!

And also, goodbye to my uniform! Gonna keep only one. Hehe. I'm not gonna miss you! Malaysia's school uniform is just hideous.

No more name tags after this I suppose?

So that's basically my cleaning process! College books to take over you books! Bye bye high school. No more skipping ceramah and hiding in the class feeling scared till death. Haha, I can still remember the time when we hid in the class with Xin Er, Mian En, Jye Yih, Wendy and Ding. Yuan Ting didn't go to school, did she? Once we heard footsteps outside we would shut up and plan how to escape if a teacher entered the class. Although we locked the door. Oh well. Our plan : Teacher enters through the front door, we escape using the back door. Teacher comes out, we go into the class again. LOL whose genius plan is this. :P

No more beratur during perhimpunan. No more standing under the hot sun with our heavy bags clinging onto our shoulders listening to pengumuman and peraturan sekolah. No more singing our school song. No more reading out the visi and misi sekolah and being praised by teacher. No more sitting at the back of makmal talking like nobody's business until teacher comes behind and we start pretending that we are copying notes although eventually being caught by her. *Puan Nurul Ezzah in mind* No more eating canteen aunty's asam mee. Gosh, I'm gonna miss that.

I'm gonna miss high school! I felt so heavy-hearted when I was leaving school yesterday. I said "Bye bye Convent, I love you!" and Xin Er asked, "You love Convent?" Hmm which made me think... Yeah, I do love Convent actually. It may not be a prestigious school but it's warm and cozy. :')

Will stop here today and continue with other stuffs tomorrow! :D


  1. You forgot one thing. I asked you to stay there and you gave me this expression Kay -.-Hahaha!! Let's visit convent somewhere in march! LOL.

  2. I don't think i went. oh dear. *memories flash back* I'm gonna miss those moments too! :(

  3. @Love Haha I remember that! :P

    @Darling : Yeah I don't think you went either. Lol. Me too! :(