Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'll be off to Bali tomorrow guys! Let's hope it's gonna be a fun trip with no hectic travelling schedule! :D
I'll only be there for four days though, will be back on the 19th! :)

Luggage all ready! :D

I've just finished reading this yesterday!

So I'm bringing this tomorrow to accompany me on the plane. 3 hours flight only though. :P

On a side note, I can really listen to Hey! Say! JUMP's Magic Power single for countless times without feeling bored! My favourite song has to be Beat Line! Don't don't don't give up! It's so catchy! :D  HSB's School Song and HS7's Get!! are superb as well! :D Too bad Ryutaro's not in the single. *sobs* His profile was just removed from Johnny's net not long ago. How devastating... Ryutaro oh Ryutaro... :(

Two blog posts in a day because I've been away from blogging for like.. a week? Or more than that I suppose. Okay, 10 days. I planned to blog every day after SPM but obviously, I failed to do so because I didn't expect myself to be so busy going out for outings! Haha. And of course, the undang ceramah as well. And undang test! I passed my undang test! With 45/50. Not something to be proud of though. WK got 48/50. *roars at him* Okay, I know it's my own mistake to have an itchy hand and a ke gao nature. :/ I almost got a heart attack when I saw "Anda telah GAGAL dalam bahagian ini" being flashed on the computer screen for the part where we had to match the car plate numbers to the answers. Holy mama. I sat dumbfounded in front of the computer for quite some time, not knowing what to do. All I thought of was, "Oh no, I should have double-checked before clicking on the "YA" button confidently. I'm busted. RM50, no play play. One shirt gone!" After coming to realisation, I quickly dashed out of the room and asked the uncle what might have gone wrong because I was sure I got all of the answers correct for that part. Turned out that there were some problems with the computer I was using! I just needed to press on the F5 key and I would be directed to the next major part of the exam! Fiuh! You can't imagine how relieved I was man. That incident did impose a minor impact on me though. I couldn't do the next part with a calm mind. My heart was racing all the while and I had to close my eyes to calm my mind before reading the questions all over again. It's terrifying.

Anyway, hope I'll have a safe flight tomorrow! And so sorry Xin Er for flying your aeroplane today. I thought it would be best for me to stay at home and get sufficient rest before flying to Bali tomorrow because I don't wanna ruin my 4-day trip. :( I'll buy a candy for you? Hee. Love ya.

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