Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lost In Damansara

Before I talk about what the title is about, let me talk about my trip to Ikea first! Hehe. My main objective was to buy my chair since it's broken already like the picture below. But we ended up buying a few other stuffs!

I have no idea I am that heavy. >_>

The crowd at the cafeteria!
My meatballs! I didn't know it was beef though. :/

Fish & Chips!

Chicken Wings! Felt like home there because that's the plate we always use at home too!

There were only 3 colours left so I chose pink. Lol.

Mummy fixing my chair!

The base.

Still in the process...

Now this, is a solid evidence of ME, being a sloth of the worst kind. Teehee.

Tada! #likeaboss Thanks mummy for fixing my chair! <3

Was wrapping Christmas presents for the kids when we go to Bali. :)
And now, moving on to the title of this blog post. *coughs* We reached Ikea safely without any difficullties but when we were on the way home...

Mummy : Aiyo, so dark I cannot see the road properly lah.
Me : Don't depend on me, I'll bring you to Holland.
Mummy : *drives straight*
Me : Eh Mii! I think I just saw the road sign telling us to turn left to Klang...
Mummy : Cham.
Me : Never mind, just go on like this and we'll find another way out.
Mummy : Okay okay. *continues to drive*

Half an hour later...

Mummy : Eh, we are still in Damansara.
Me : I know, and I can only see road signs to Seremban, Sungai Buloh and Shah Alam. Let's try Shah Alam, it's the nearest one. Turn left.
Mummy : *turns left* Are you sure?
Me : I don't know. That's what the road sign says. Go straight. Turn right.

Another half an hour later...

Me : Mummy! OMG it's says turn left to Klang. Faster turn!
Mummy : *turns immediately*
Me : Yay! At last we're on the right track!
Mummy : My goodness are we in... Some kind of housing area in Damansara?! This is bad.
Me : Hmm seems like it. All I see is Seksyen 12, 13, 14 and so on...
Mummy : How do you want me to go out from here?! *starts to get panic*
Me : Okay, just go straight, no more turnings.

Another half an hour later, we were trapped in a terrible jam somewhere in Kuala Lumpur...

Mummy : Great. I am having a headache right now. We have been touring Damansara for 1 and a half hours and now we're somewhere in KL.
Me : Sorry... The sign board really said turn left to Klang!
Mummy : Did they indicate how many kms till you make a turn?
Me : Oh, didn't notice that.
Mummy : ..... Okay.

After escaping the traffic jam...

Mummy : There is no way I can go out from this blardy place. Let's take the last resort.
Me : What?
Mummy : Ask someone for directions.

*approaches a few Indians at the bus stop*

Mummy : Hello, sekarang saya nak cari tol. Macam mana nak pergi dari sini?
Guy : Tol ah. Saya explain macam ini kamu boleh faham?
Mummy : Boleh boleh.
Guy : Okay, sekarang kamu pergi straight sampai bawah, pusing kanan lepas traffic light. Lepas tu, jangan buat U-turn. Teruuuuuuuus sampai satu lagi traffic light, pusing kiri. Lepas tu buat U-turn dan masuk bawah jambatan itu, lepas tu jalaaaaaaan sampai satu lagi traffic light lagi pusing kanan. *hands moving up and down, left and right*
Mummy and I : Yennadei? O_o?!
Guy : *laughs* Tak faham ah? Atau saya bawa kamu ke sana.
Mummy : Macam mana?
Guy : Aiya, saya taxi driver la. Ini kereta saya.
Mummy : Ahhh boleh la boleh la. Saya nak cepat-cepat keluar dari sini. Sudah sakit kepala. Berapa?
Guy : RM20.
Me : *gives him the money*

AT LAST!! We came out from Damansara and reached home safely. End of story.

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  1. HAHAHAH you and your mummy super funny! :D