Monday, December 26, 2011


It's the same routine every year. As a year passes by, we get older by one year. As for me, I turned 17 last Saturday! I feel very much loved every year especially during my birthday, but this year, I feel more loved than the previous years. The feeling is pretty much indescribable. I don't need a prestigious place to hold my birthday party at, a simple gathering with my loved ones at my home sweet home defines perfection for me. :)

The day before my birthday, which was on the 23rd, Lee Yang's family and mine went for dinner at Fukutei, Bandar Bharu to celebrate his triumph in getting straight A's for PMR! I knew he could do it! :) And somehow to celebrate my pre-birthday too. No cakes and confetti, just a birthday song.

My beloved daddy and mummy whom I can't live without. :)

By far my favourite Japanese restaurant!

Lee Yang and his family. I believe our relationship with his family won't ever fade off. :)

For more pictures at Fukutei (i.e the food), they are all up on Facebook. Scroll till the bottom for the link. You better do! MUST finish reading this blog post. Teehee.

And then, on my big day, it was party time! We decided to have pot luck. Daddy and mummy prepared curry chicken, ABC soup and steamed prawns with red wine. My whole house was brightly lit up, accompanied by the colourful tiny lights on the christmas tree. It was such a beautiful sight to look at. Wei Khit came to my house earlier at around 11 to help out with the shopping at Tesco and the preparation at home. Although we did not help much. Hee. We only helped to remove the skin of the potatoes and prepared the tomatoes for the soup. And then! I decided to let him be my maid for at least a day. Hehehe. I did not even move an inch from my bed and instructed him to do almost everything. Oops! Hehehe. And then... When the clock striked 6, I could hear the doorbell ringing already! Lee Yang's family reached first. I was still bathing by then. When I was all prepared, clad in a short pants and the shirt WK bought for me as my birthday present, I went downstairs. But it was weird enough for mummy to ask me to pick up Poofie's poo outside on my birthday. -.- And she seemed a tad bit weird that day. As in, her behaviour towards me. Lol. I sensed something fishy by then but still didn't have the slightest clue about what was happening behind my back. She rushed me upstairs to fetch my iPad because kononnya my aunts wanted to see our Bali pictures. And when I entered my room... KYAAAAAA!!!!! LEE XIN ER HAD SNEAKILY SNEAKED INTO AKU PUNYA ROOM AND HID AT A CORNER AND SCARED THE HELL OUT OF AKU. Okay, the story was like this...

On Whatsapp...

Me : Love, wanna come to my house on my birthday? We are just having a small family gathering with lots of food.
Xin Er : Huh... Who else is going?
Me : So far only WK though.
Xin Er : All your families ah. Don't want lah. Paiseh leh.
Me : Aiyo no need to paiseh one. I will accompany you one.
Xin Er : I got family gathering on that day also. Sorry. :(
Me : Really cannot come meh? :(
Xin Er : Ya.. Sorry ya love. Sorry that I can't make it...
Me : Haih it's okay lah! :(

A few days later...

Xin Er : Love, I am really sorry that I can't make it lo. Are you disappointed?
Me : Kind of, but I understand la. You have family gathering right? It's okay..
Xin Er : Really really sorry lo.
Me : No problem!

She said sorry for countless times. -.- Here's more!

And most importantly, sorry for not being able to make it :( ... You understand right?

*smirks* Of course I understand why! AHAHAHAHAHA.

Look at her face! And that was me still recovering from the after-shock. WK was laughing his heart out as well because they both pakat-ed and succeeded into cheating me. -.-

Okay lah, you still deserve a hug for coming.


Wei Khit and I! ♥

Third aunt and second aunt! They both so pretty right. Y I NO as pretty as them. T_T

Nom nom nom.

Orang yang berjaya pada hari itu.

Wei Khit feeling tired after helping out. Thanks sweetie! ♥

My birthday cake! Thanks Wei Khit and Xin Er for buying this! I LOVE YOU GUYS! MUAHHHH! Teehee!

Wow the cake is actually pretty huge.

*cut cut cut* ♥

Poofie : Me is happy as long as me master is happy! *smiles*

Mummy and I! ♥

Nextly, thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Your wishes came true wth. :P
Thanks to those who wished me through :

Face to face :
Mummy and daddy, Lee Yang, Aunty Lay Bee, Uncle Tatt, Wei Khit, Xin Er, WK's parents, my aunts and cousins!

Phone call :
My aunts, Wei Khit, Xin Er, Yuan Ting, Benson and my cousins.

Wei Khit, Prema, Wen Yan, Wei Jian, Mah Han Yuen, Huay Theng and my cousins.

Whatsapp :
Wei Khit, Xin Er, Wendy and my aunt.

Facebook :
102 sweet people! Although I don't know some of you, thank you so much! I appreciate all your wishes. ♥

Twitter :
Wei Khit, Xin Er, Ding, Jye Yih, Cheryl Lim, Xiao Yan, Wen Yan, Vivien, Raveena, Simon, Nicole, Shazana, Adilah and Chian Huey.

Once again, thank you! I had a wonderful and happy birthday! ♥

For more pictures, hop on to my FB page!

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