Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmassy Mood

Well, although Christmas is like... Well, umm 23 days more to go, I'm already in a christmassy mood. Lol. Yesterday, upon my mum's request, I changed my blog's layout into a somewhat christmassy one although it's not exactly christmassy. Lol. Oh, why doesn't blogger have a christmassy background.

Well anyway, I changed the Yamada picture to Santa Ryosuke too! That was a picture from an old issue of Duet I guess, I'm not sure. I'll find a christmas song for my blog soon. Hehe.

I always have the urge to buy some bling bling christmas stuffs to hang on my christmas tree although I know it's a waste of money. B..ut..but... Those ornaments are sooo pretty! :( I even thought of buying another christmas tree. Eheheh.

Guess what? Uncle Johnny has come up with another brilliant idea of making christmas videos for us! I see some distinct difference from before and now, they are acknowledging international fans! In most of the videos (well, some), they spoke some random foreign languages! Especially Korean. Arashi and KAT-TUN were like "Anyeonghaseyo (oh, however you spell it)"-ing away throughout the video. As for Hey! Say! JUMP, Yamada spoke in Korean (I can't judge how fluent it was though, it sounded awkward, lol), Takaki spoke in Mandarin (Ni hao, wo shi Gao Mu Xiong Ye, LMAO) and Keito spoke in English (Merry Christmas. It's Keido Okamodo - oh well. xD) As for Yabu..... this was what he spoke.

Apparently Yabu was trying to mimick Yamada speaking Korean but failed terribly. It turned out to be some gibberish language. LOL. Yamada then told him that what he spoke might be wrong. xD

NYC's video was sooo much longer than HSJ's (oh, why does Uncle Johnny love them so much). They were talking away to each other in the video that they forgot to introduce themselves. Speaking about self-introduction, Chinen's was super cute. "I'm C's Cute Chinen!" xD

Anyway, to watch the videos, go to Johnny's Christmas Message 2010 at Johnny's Net, and you'll see a christmas tree beside. I was so stupid that I clicked "play" on the video for like countless times and nothing happened. Then only I realised that you'll have to move your mouse around the Christmas tree and click on the (ornaments) artist you want. Duh. =.= Something like this :

NYC's is the tiny star below HSJ. :) And you know what, I actually expected the big star on top to be a video from Uncle Johnny. Well, I guess not. xDD

Hohoho~ Merry Christmas!! *too early*

Btw, this is my 101st post! Or is it 101th? Whatever. 101 Dalmation. Random. *smacked*


  1. :3 I am that Ruka girl, who asked you alot question about shounen club on Astro~(at LJ)

    "NYC's video was sooo much longer than HSJ's (oh, why does Uncle Johnny love them so much). " xD I KNOW RIGHT! :(

    XD I also thought that Uncle Johnny will be on big star on top of tree !

    :3 I am really enjoying ur blog~

  2. Haha I remember you!! :)

    And thanks for reading! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Please visit more often ne! xD