Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vietnam, Mekong Delta + Surprise : Day 2

It's 11 p.m. now~! :) Big and good news : I survived the 2nd day of crossing the road!! Woohoo~! *throws confetti*

Okay, so for Day 2, we went for a one-day trip to Mekong Delta. I'm 100% sure that you guys have heard of this right? Sungai Mekong we learnt in Sejarah? Was it for Kerajaan Agraria? Oh whatever.

Today was even more chi kik than yesterday man! We woke up at 6.30 in the morning and went to the rooftop for breakfast. After that, we got onto our bus and headed off to Mekong Delta which took us one and a half hour from Saigon (the new name for Ho Chi Minh city). When we reached there, we got onto a boat and we got to see the boat houses along the river. Oh my, the people there seriously live on water man! In boats! Can you imagine that?! And the houses along the river were so old that they looked like they would collapse at any moment. But the boat ride was enjoyable though, because the wind was so strong as it was cooling!! :)

And then we got off the big boat to ride on the small sampan (they call it rowing boat on canal) in order to get to a restaurant DEEEEEEEEEEP in the jungle. Okay, not jungle but more like kampung. It only appeared like a jungle to me because there were soooo many trees. I saw ducks too! OMG SO CUTE. Haha. The sampan ride was SCARY. Even Uncle Tatt didn't dare to move even an inch in the sampan because the sampan was only.. let me see... not more than 10 cm above the river water. Plus, the river water was so dirty. Brown in colour. You could see longan trees along the river and lots of mangroove swamps. Hey! I actually got to look at mangroove swamps at a near distance! Woots! Our lunch wasn't so delicious though because the pork was as stiff as rock that it almost flew away when I tried to cut it. Okay, something else flew away instead of my pork, it was my longan. I pressed too hardly that the whole fruit flew away and almost landed on the head of a foreigner behind me. Oh noes, how sia sui. They were laughing at me. Okay, I was laughing too. xD

We had a bicycle ride in the itenary too but we didn't go for it because it was scorching hot outside so we stayed in the restaurant. Don't be shocked when you see me because I look like a roasted chicken now. To get out of the kampung, we had to walk for like.. around 2 kms. Can you imagine how exhausted I was? 2 kms wasn't a lot but when the road is not smooth and when you had to walk up and down bridges, it was super tiring. Our day trip was roughly like that and we reached Saigon at around 7 pm. And oh yeah, we met 2 Japanese Germans (mix) and they were so gorgeous! *envious* They're currently living in Australia although they were born in Japan. :)

Then tonight, we went to the same night market as the one we went to yesterday, Ben Thanh market. The clothes there are super cheap. Anyone wants me to help them buy? xD And guess what's the surprise for today? *drum rolls*

It's the AFF Suzuki Cup Group B - International today!

The football match was held in Hanoi, Vietnam today! Guess what? Vietnam won Singapore by 1-0! So they had this super crazy celebration where all of them came out with motorbikes and their country's flags. The motorbike flood today was 100 times scarier than yesterday's and it was almost impossible to cross the road. Because the whole road was occupied by thousands of (trust me, there were really thousands of them out there and in fact, they're still celebrating. One of them told us that this will continue till tomorrow 5 a.m.) motorbikes and some of them even climbed onto the roof of the vans and danced there. It was like a parade, the only difference is this time the celebration was very very very scary, more like a riot. They even had a fake trophy and all their faces were painted with their country's flag. I took a picture with a few of them and I'll post it up here when I'm back home. I had recorded some videos too! Again, I almost got knocked down by a motorbike because I was too excited and went too upfront to the road. This is only a group match. Imagine how hysterical they will be if they win the final game? Become Spiderman and climb buildings? Possible. We got soooo hyped up, and probably even more hyper than them that we shouted Vietnam Number 1! Vietnam Boleh! and WOOOOOO!!!!!! Lol. They were soo happy and even joined us. xDD OMG SO FUN! Padahal they'll be playing against Malaysia during the semi-finals. Thank god we won't be here during that time. Phew!! We might be made into minced meat if we win. xD

Guess what? There was this guy whom we randomly met in the middle of the crowd (thank god he speaks English, although not very clearly). We chatted with him a bit and said hi to his girlfriend. Then, when my dad came up and said hello, he was like, "I know you!! You live at Elios Hotel right? I worked there last time!" and they shook hands. Lol, what a coincidence!!

Ooooo it's so noisy out there. Lots of honkings and shoutings.

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