Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today, at 8 in the morning, Lee and I went out for a badminton game with Tommy, Wei Khit, Bhavan and Jeremy again. Lol, this time, we have a new guest! Guess who he was!


While Wei Khit and Tommy were teaching us how to serve, suddenly a suspicious man came into the court and sat behind, looking at us. Wei Khit realised that it was my dad first. LOLS. I tell you, I was so SO SHOCKED to see him there..

Yes, this was how I reacted when I saw daddy there. The only difference is that I'm a girl. *smacked*

Actually the story's like this. I challenged my dad to come with us, and he said, "OK! Why not?? I go and eat first." I thought he was joking, like, seriously. Normally he wouldn't come. I mean, who would've expected him to join us right? And then he showed up. OMGEEEE.

Lol, my dad played with them, 2 sets. And then he got worn out so, we went back home at around 10.30 a.m. xD

Tommy, Wei Khit, Bhavan and Jeremy, thank you sooo soo much for the presents! Wei Khit even had a "fake" present for me, just for the sake of looking at my expression when I opened the present. Well, yeah. Lols. Quite an enjoyable day. :D

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