Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vietnam, Shopping + Birthday Celebration : Day 3

So today, we planned not to visit tourist places but to go shopping at high end shopping centres. :) They actually have soooo pretty shopping centres here!! But before that, we went to their local morning market and bought some coffee, sweets, lotus seeds and cashewnuts. YAY! But because the market was too packed and stuffy, I became dizzy and almost threw up. I forced myself to throw up but nothing. :( I didn't dare to move my head and walked like a dead woman. Oh, and we bought their local fruit too! It's called milk fruit if you direct translate it from Vietnamese.

We ate beef and chicken noodles for lunch. OMG SO DELICIOUS! How I wish I could ta pao back to Malaysia for you guys. Wendy, you should try the chicken one. :) But the funny thing about eating in Vietnam is that you'll feel like a rabbit. You know why? Because almost every meal will be served with LOADS of vegetables, raw ones. In fact, today I felt more like a rabbit and monkey because we were served bananas too. xD

And then because I was feeling awful, we came back to our hotel to rest. I watched 2 episodes of dramas and then went to sleep. :) At around 6, we woke up and headed off to watch Water Puppet show. And man, we were so unlucky because we met a taxi driver who brought us to Holland. He took us on a "city tour" and let us down at the wrong place. Apparently, he left us at a concert venue and we thought it was the right place. When we were about to go into the stadium, I thought, "Oh, water puppets are actually real humans dancing on water?" Then OH SHIT. This is not the right place. So we went around asking people but too bad, they couldn't speak even a little bit of English. Terrible, I tell you. At last, we turned another round and found the place! Just at the right time, 6.30 p.m when they show had just started. THANK GOD. It was fun watching the show. It's like.. they put on some short stories using puppets on water and some of them were pretty funny too. Then, we met some USM students from Penang whom we met yesterday at Ben Thanh market. Oh, look at how small the world is. When the show ended, one of them found out that his phone was stolen. You see, the scary thing about Vietnam is there are lots of pickpockets here. You have to be careful when you're walking along the streets and make sure that no one is standing near you. Wow, so dangerous man.

Then, at night, we went to Yee Bo restaurant for dinner! The food there was fabulous! And we were lead to a VIP room, how fun!! The service there was awesome because they did everything for us. We ate steamboat and the soup is soooo freaking delicious!!! I think it was the best steamboat I had ever eaten in my life. Xin Er, no offence to Char Par Par. The steamboat I ate today was cheng teng, yours was tom yam. :) We were SUPER naughty because we played with the waitress who served us. OMGEE I feel so sorry for her now. My dad kept on asking for her email address but she said that she doesn't have one so my dad asked for her number instead. I think he had asked for at least 20 times? Every time she entered the room he asked. LOL. Then at last my dad asked for a paper and wanted her to jot down her number. She looked so innocent and didn't know what to do. Sigh sigh, I feel soo soo sorry for her. Daddy ah daddy... Then we asked her to take a picture with Lee Yang because tomorrow is his birthday and she said happy birthday to him. Pretty young girl, only 18 and she's a Vietnamese Chinese so she speaks Cantonese. Easy for us. :)

After dinner, we went to a pub nearby our hotel!! We gave Lee Yang a surprise a-little-bit-advanced birthday party! Mummy, Aunty Lay Bee and I pretended to go walk walk along the streets but secretly went into a bakery shop to buy a cake. Then, we wore our Santa Claus hats and dashed into the pub while singing the birthday song~~ xD I was sooooo shocked when I saw the waiters there. They're sooooo..... GAY. You know what I mean right? So I'm gonna call it a so-called gay bar. He openly said, "I like him!!" while pointing at Lee Yang. You have to see Lee Yang's expression that time, EPIC!! LOL. And when we took a group picture, another waiter came over and took our picture using his own phone. Lol. They were so funny. And then he requested to take a picture with Lee Yang, his new found lover. This moment was even more shocking. HE KISSED HIM ON THE CHEEK!! And touched his chest and waist. OMG LOL LOL LOL! Good thing I'm a girl, I thought. xD But the people there were really friendly. He wanted to take a picture with daddy too so my sporting daddy hugged him and slapped his butt. HAHAHAHA the way he screamed was extremely funny man! Daddy, you're too high today. xD Mummy and Aunty Lay Bee poll danced! The foreigners were staring at them like "WTH are these people doing?!" but they laughed and enjoyed the "performance". Before leaving the pub, we cheers-ed. xD

So that's basically what happened today I guess. It's 12.30 a.m now!! :)

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