Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Woahhh yesterday, Wendy, Xin Er, Tommy, Wei Khit, Bhavan, Jeremy and I went out to play badminton together. HAHAHA I tell you, damn sia sui. We had not played badminton for like.. sooo long that it was super embarassing. You know why? Because the boys are super good at playing. Mannn..

I sweated loads and now, my right arm and right leg hurt like hell. I'm walking like a penguin now. Lol..

Anyway, after playing badminton we walked to Eng Ann for lunch. And upon Wendy's request to eat Chickin (chicken), we ate chicken, of course, at a shop I forgot the name. LOL. Tommy performed some magic tricks and then Wei Khit and Bhavan together with Tommy told us some jokes. Some of them were... *ehem* you know, 18 and above. It's not suitable to say here. :D

It was overall fun despite the embarassment!

Now I'm alone at home. Going to do some housework later and finish up my tuition assignments. Oh well. D: Now you see what holiday means to me? Lol.

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