Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh : Day 1

It's 10.42 now in Vietnam but it's 11.42 now in Malaysia. Eheheh~! And after excessive walking around the town, I'm so so so exhausted.

When we reached Vietnam, we checked in into our hotel, Elios Hotel. Not a very high class hotel, 3 stars. But you know, I'm actually quite surprised because our room is actually quite spacious and the bathtube is gorgeous! :D

Okay, the only horror when you reach Vietnam is this. THE TRAFFIC.

Holy cow, you can't imagine how many motorbikes there are on the streets. It's like a motorbike flood out there and every time I cross the road, I have the feeling that I'm risking my life as I could be knocked down at anytime. Like, seriously. You guys should really come and experience it for yourself, it's very nerve-wrecking. Chi kik, you know? xD The thing is, they don't stop when they see you crossing the road but they just continue speeding off. My dad said, "Don't ever stand still. Just keep on crossing the road and they will try to avoid you." WHAT'S?! Okay, that's actually pretty true, to be frank. I just left the world behind and crossed the road while screaming my lungs out and HEY! I'm on the other side now! HOORAYY~! Another thing is, in Malaysia, what we have learnt is to look left and right before crossing the road. As long as you do that, you're safe. However, in Vietnam, I'm afraid that's not the case. We have look left, right, front and back. Oh my. I was ALMOST knocked down by a motorbike. It frightened me to hell that I grabbed anyone beside me, it was beyond my care already. Okay, too much talking on crossing the road. *bricked* Anyway, I took a video using my phone to let you guys see how crazy the traffic is, I'll upload it on FB as soon as I'm back home because I forgot to bring my cable. :(

When we were walking along a night market just now, I just witnessed something that was beyond my own belief. There were little girls (around 6 - 7 years old and I believe one of them has rickets) walking around with a bag filled with fans hanging around their shoulders. Okay, that's not it. The thing is, one of them came to us with the sweetest smile ever and said, "Would you like to buy something for your wife?" Trust me, their English is near perfect with an accent. Then of course my dad said, "No, thanks" but the conversation went on like this :

Girl : Why not? I just need you to buy something. Please.
Dad : How much is it?
Girl : 40000 dong.
Dad : Um, it's really okay. *walks away*
Girl : Hey! How much do you want?? You can bargain.
Dad : *smiles and continues to walk away*
Girl : *gives a murderous stare* Why you don't want to buy but you ask the price and go?
Dad : Sorry.
Aunty Lay Bee : Hey, don't get angry. Do you want sweet?
Girl : *ignores her* Why you ask but you don't want to buy? Why? *continues to stare as if she's going to eat my dad alive* YOU! MAFIA!
Us : WTH?! *walks as quick as possible to escape her*


Then another one came. This time her target was Uncle Tatt, Aunty Lay Bee's husband instead.

Girl : Hey, do you want to buy something for your wife?
Uncle Tatt : I'm not married yet.
Girl : Then buy something for your girlfriend.
Uncle Tatt : I don't have girlfriend also. Nobody wants me.
Girl : Where are you from?
Uncle Tatt : Malaysia.
Girl : Abang, murah murah, tak da mahal. Satu untuk satu dolar sahaja, abang.
Me : *jaw drops*
Uncle Tatt : I don't have money.
Girl : *smiles* No money, no honey. *walks away*

Wow, I wonder who their trainer is man. I mean, they're so well-trained especially the one who haunted my dad. I'm sure she was taught to throw a tantrum so that people feel guilty and buy it. I'm amazed. My dad said this is how cruel the true world is. There are so many syndicate cases out there, like people dragging a blind person behind and begging for money and blah blah blah. All kinds. I was suddenly so scared.

Okay, about the food here now. DELICIOUS!!!! Although we couldn't read even a word on the menu, we still went downstairs to look at the food and point at everything that looked yummy. In the end, we ordered too much that the waitress needed to cut off some for us. LMAO. I'll upload the pictures to FB soon and post the link here. :) I'm pretty satisfied with the food so far.

Another thing, we can't log into Facebook here in Vietnam. I think they banned it here or something. Unless you access it using your phone. I wonder why?? And every website I visit here is all in Vietnamese. I was pretty shocked at first because when I was trying to subscribe to an uploader at Youtube, I got the shock of my life when I saw Vietnamese (because I did not realise earlier xD) Here's a picture.

Okay, that Yamada thingy was not done intentionally as I was trying to subsribe to the uploader that time so I quickly took a screencap of it. xD

Oh, I forgot to say! I went for foot massage! WOOTS! After such a long time. If I remember correctly, the last time I had foot massage was when I went to Thailand 2 years ago? Hehe. I kept on telling myself, "Do not fall asleep, do not fall asleep" but not long after that I found myself drifting off to slumberland. Oh, I'm so useless. xD Because you know why, we pay to feel ourselves being massaged but if you sleep, you don't feel a single thing which was what happened to me when she massaged my right foot. Oh well. But it hurt so much. OUCH! I tried my best to hold my scream but I did squeal once. :D

And one more thing! Our flight today was pretty challenging as well. Halfway through the flight, there was a turbulence and it was like roller coaster! Up and down and left and right we went! xD Good thing the captain informed us beforehand or else all of us would have got panic. Haaaa. Oh yeah. I'm so proud of myself today. Usually my ear would hurt excruciatingly whenever I'm one a plane especially when it's landing but today nothing happened! I think maybe it was because I chewed on a chewing gum from the moment I boarded onto the plane to the moment I reached Vietnam. Two whole hours and chewing with my mouth wide open so that it wouldn't hurt. My hard work paid off! xD You know what, daddy and us boarded on different planes. He came by Malaysia Airlines and we came by AirAsia. Our flight was 5 minutes earlier than his so of course we reached first ya. xD SO, we stood in a straight line and waited for him to come out. Everyone was staring at us but no one cared. OMG, it was so fun! When daddy saw us he came running to us saying "Sawadikap~" and ran into the toilet immediately. Okay, sawadikap. Daddy, it's Vietnam here. xD

Okay, what else? Seems that I have sooo many things to say. Hmmmm nothing else I guess?? xD I don't know if I'll have so many things to say about Day 2 but who knows ya? Eheheh~! *peace*


  1. Such a long post huh. Both the conversations are so funny. The girls are so materialistic man. Sighhh

  2. Haha yeah. I had so many things to say so it was long. :)

    Yeah, materialistic right? You would be even more shocked to see it for yourself. :(