Friday, December 10, 2010

Vietnam, Palace + Museum + Many More : Day 4

Today we were determined to explore the city by ourselves, with only the help of a photostated map and without taxi. Amazing ain't it?! xD So, we woke up early in the morning and decided to visit the Independence Palace. It took us more than half an hour to walk there from our hotel. By the time I reached there, I was already so tired but I insisted on entering the palace. xD While Aunty Lay Bee and my mum waited outside because Aunty Lay Bee had back pain while my mum had headache. :(

I was told that the palace was formerly the residence  of their president, but now it's merely for tourists. Holy cow, the palace is humungous that we took around 1 hour to walk up and down to take pictures. We weren't allowed to enter the rooms, but we were allowed to take pictures. The furniture there was mostly antiques, even the projector in the projection room! You know those projectors they use to show films during the olden days? Yeah, something like that and I didn't know it was sooo huge!

After visiting the Independence Palace, we headed off to the War Remnants Museum just a stone's throw away from the palace, around... 5 to 10 minutes walk. Okay, in the museum, we got to see lots of documentary photos about the war between Vietnam and the US a few decades ago. I'm not sure when. Lol, I was too absorbed by the pictures that I didn't care to look at the information. Man, those Vietnamese during those times were seriously pitiful, I tell you. But some of the pictures were quite gross that I thought I had no apetite to eat later. :( They even had two preserved deformed babies in a glass tank. D: And of course, there were lots of guns, rifles and whatever weapons you could think of.

The museum was the last place we visited for today because of the excessive walking. Aunty Lay Bee couldn't walk anymore so we came back to the hotel by taxi. I stayed in the hotel room while mummy went out with her previous Vietnamese colleague. They've not met for 2 years! And he didn't even change. xD

And then at last daddy came back from work, so we went out for dinner. Before that, we waited at the lobby and I overheard two Japanese (husband and wife) speaking Japanese (obviously). So I couldn't help but kept peeking at them until the lady looked at me. xD Aunty Lay Bee came over and sat down beside me. She, too overheard them so she went over and asked, "Are you Japanese?" And then she started telling them that I love Japan and Hey! Say! JUMP and blah blah blah. I tell you, I was soooo embarassed that I covered my face with my jacket. Not to say embarassed, just... shy. xD Then we went over to their table for a chat. LOL. I was the interpreter. The guy's English was pretty good!! It was quite easy to communicate with them but I spoke to them in Japanese. OMG SO NERVOUS! He asked me lots of questions and I, too asked him some questions like where does he live, does he know HSJ, Arashi, Hidarime Tantei EYE and Nino's new drama, Freeter, Ie wo Kau. They were so so so shocked that I knew all the latest news about Japanese entertainment. LMAO they couldn't stop "sugoi~~~"-ing. And the guy even said, "Okashii!" which means weird. Then I was like, "Eh? Okashii no?" xDD Then daddy suddenly interrupted and said, "I only like Horikita Maki" and they totally LOL-ed. And there goes their sugoi again. HAHA. Before leaving, I managed to get their email addresses and I asked them if I could take a picture with them. WOAHHH they're such nice people! The guy asked me to email him if it's okay. :D This was my first proper conversation with Japanese using Japanese! I was sooo nervous that my hands were sooo icy cold. Lol. Ooooo I wanna meet them again!!! :) Oh and their names are Uchida Atsushi and Uchida Keiko!! And Keiko-san is 6 months pregnant!

And then at night, we went for dinner with daddy's colleague and mummy's ex-colleague at Wind Sor Plaza. WOW that place was soooo beautiful! Very very high glass. And guess what? We celebrated my birthday there! And Lee Yang's too since his birthday is officially today. :D

Today was fun! But super tiring. Sigh... It's 10.37 p.m. now! :P

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