Thursday, July 8, 2010

Long Time No Babble

I think I am going to fall asick soon. I have sore throat now. SHOOT. =(

So, I skipped school yesterday. Wasn't planned earlier though. When I was drying up my hair, my mum suddenly came into my room and said, "I'm on leave today. Let's go to Mid Valley!" and I immediately replied, "Okay!" after checking on my timetable for Wednesday. Thought that all the subjects are useless except for Add Math and Modern Math. Basically because they have the most homeworks. Went to Mid Valley from 9 am to 7 pm. HOLY COW. My back and legs were aching like hell when I got home. Imagine attending tuition at 8.15 pm. =(

And....Still regarding the topic above.... My greatest daddy in the universe, Wendy Tan or Gravity Tan if you prefer, gave a ridiculously false information to the rest of Lyodts on why I was absent yesterday. I am so proud of you, Tan Pei Sin Wendy. Thought of honouring you by sms-ing you EARLY in the morning to inform you, but I ended up being thought that I went to the hospital because I had mata songsang. You have such a brilliant mind, don't ya? LOL. xD No wonder everyone was staring straight into my eyes when I reached school today. Gorilla was the first one to ask, "Shieh Er, you have mata songsang??" I was like, "WHUT?" Oh.... So that's what happened la..... *imagined herself stabbing Wendy in the heart* Wendy, no offence intended, I am in my babbling mode today. =)

So, orchestra on Saturday! Not to say VERY excited but not to say not excited AT ALL.. Since this is the first time I am attending such event, of course there's still slight elation in me. Try imagining if Hey! Say! JUMP is written on the ticket. LOL. Low and I had a great time imagining how I would respond if that ever happens. But OH WELL. I don't think it's ever gonna happen. Well, maybe 0.01%. *optimistic* Btw, Low, I won't be wearing high heels anymore so don't worry about taking pictures with me. You can tip-toe if you want to, though, since it's harmless. Haha.

And Friday's plan to watch Eclipse has been canceled huh? Utter disappointment, I must say. Not because I'll not be able to watch it but because I just have this feeling that every outing we plan seems to be a failure. A terrible one. Did anyone of you notice that every outing we plan beforehand will always be canceled whereas every outing planned abruptly will be a success? That's what's special about Lyodts. Haha. xD

Okay, I've already babbled a lot and I wonder why. I am so freaking sleepy but I felt like typing. Have not typed this much for such a long time already and since it's "holiday" tomorrow, I've planned to sleep late. And Wendy, I'll type Ibu dan Ceper and the-other-forgotten-the-name-cerpen's sinopsis out for you. Tomorrow, maybe. xD

So, buh bye world. Going to finish off my Eclipse now. Few more pages left. YESH! VICTORY! It's a big achivement to me, you see. xD

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