Saturday, July 10, 2010

Surprise Present

If you remember, I told you that my mum bought a surprise present for me yesterday. Guess what? It's a..... CUP. =)

A Yamada Ryosuke cup!! Weeee~~

Thanks a lot mummy!!! I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!! XDD

Still remember when I went to Mid Valley on that day I had mata songsang? Yes. These are what I bought.

The contents :

There are more, but OH WELL, I am too lazy. xD

Another one :

The contents :

And SYT!! Code Blue corner~~~

There are more too, but OH WELL again. xD

I got this for free. BWAHAHA. I bought those magazines for don't-know-how-many-percent discount because they were older issues and I got this for free! Quite worth it though. xD The Duet I bought was May's issue while Myojo was March's issue. =P

There are soooo many more (newer issues) but they were quite expensive so my mum went hunting for JE magazines with discount. Haha. xD Thanks again, mummy!! ^^

I did not only bought these, of course right? I bought this too! Haha.

Saigo no Yakusoku starring all five members of Arashi. xD

And.. of course I did not buy only these, right? I bought a shirt from MNG too, but I did not take a picture of it. xD And my hunt for heels failed terribly... Too bad... =(


  1. 1st of all, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!! *haha* jealouss..i really like him in tantei eye.. =)
    ur mom is so sporting..i am really2 jealous now..hehe

  2. Wah you watched!! GREAT!! Cool right?? ^^

  3. yep~! but i only watched until ep 4 or something coz there's some technical probs..haha