Thursday, July 29, 2010


ME.WANTS.TO.GO.TO.SUMMARY!! I seriously think I am going nuts already. You know, the desperate feeling to go when you read concert reports but it's obviously not going to happen?? My mum told me, in 3 years, we might have enough money to go to Japan again and by that time, I might be able to go. Oh, how I hope I'll still like them as much as I do now 3 years later. Who knows, future, right? Lots of reasons why I am longing to go :

  • Obviously, I want to meet all of HSJ members.
  • I want to see them perform LIVE with my heart, mind, soul and body in the stadium. I don't want to watch with my heart, mind and soul only without my body there. =(
  • I want to see Yamada and Daiki walking on a tight rope and Chinen doing trapezee stunt. And I just found out one interesting thing, the part where Chinen fell down was planned. Apparently, it happened in every concert. Sweat man. Really scared the hell out of me. How can you do this to your fans, Chinen? xD
  • I wanna see those CUTE DOGS!!! Just saw another concert report where the dogs did stunts and ran over to Yamada for a hug after succeeding. SOOO CUTE man!! Gosh. @@
  • I wanna see Yamada singing Asia no Yoru while performing stunts in the air.
  • I wanna hear their new solos.
  • I wanna hear them perform Shinku. Lol, biased here.
  • I wanna watch HSJ in 3D!! Oh noes, spazzing again.
  • I wanna hear them singing SUMMARY while flying in the air.
  • I want to be asked "What is my favourite food?" and "Where do you live?" by them, only if I am lucky enough.
  • I want to buy their concert goods. That might be the only reason I'll get to buy them.
  • I've never been to a concert before.

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