Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Day Had Passed

Hmmm....Another day has passed huh?? It's scary and amazing at the same time how time flies so quickly.

Let's start with the Japanese Language Festival. It was should I put it? Boring and interesting day at the same time at different times. Basically because we only got to chose 2 activities out of 9, and we ended up sitting in a row, listening to people practising choral speaking. That was seriously boring, you see. xD However, ikebana and furoshiki were enjoyable though. =)

Our end-product. (Wendy and I) We didn't think it was pretty but the teacher kept on praising ours. I am not boasting, yeah. Hehe. ^^ I don't see how it's attractive though. xD OH WELL. Different people different taste, I guess? Or to make this simple and straight forward, professionals and amateurs are people from different worlds. There you go. xD

Yan Ni and Gorilla's product.

With Ikebana teacher.

Next was Furoshiki.

This was one of the four ways of furoshiki she taught us. This was to wrap books.

With Furoshiki teacher and..... a helper, I guess?

After the festival, my family and I along with Auntie Lay Bee and Lee Yang went to Port Klang for seafood.

Kirei desu ne? xD

After that, we went home, of course. I tried on the free T-shirt we got. It looked okay to me at first but when I tried it on.... Ehem~! *coughcough*

It turned out like this :

Lol. You can barely see my shorts and my shorts are not that short, really. xD Lousy tongue twister.

Woops, it's really late now. I dozed off in the car just now on the way home and was going to bed already but my mum tempted me to use the computer and that explained why I am here, blogging in the middle of the night. xD Okay okay, good nights!

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