Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ahhh it's already 2 in the morning now. 0.o

So...Went to Mei Hui's orchestra today with Wendy, SYT, Low, Mian Ying and not to forget, Low's dad. One word to describe the orchestra. OHSHOME!!! (Awesome). I love the Encore part the most, where all of us clapped our hands together. It seriously made me feel like I am a part of the orchestra team, especially when the conductor directed for us to stop, and all of us stopped. Haha. How harmonious.. I was actually pretty shocked when people started shouting "ENCORE! ENCORE!". I didn't expect that in such a formal event. =) Mei Hui looked pretty to me. She looks elegant with dress and make-up on. And her sitting posture while playing the violin, so straight! I bet I would have suffered from severe backache if I were her. Lol.

Had a "great" time riding in Low's car as well. Being squeezed like sandwich by Low and Wendy. WTH? And I loved that roller coaster ride in the car, really. Thanks to Low's dad! ^^ Thank you so much for being so kind to fetch a bunch of kids there. xD And thanks for the sandwich as well and and and! The supper. =P I didn't expect to get home in the middle of the night though. Haha. That was kinda fun. xD

And yeah! My mum gave me a surprise present too, for getting the 3rd position in class. Never thought that was good enough though. 0.o Anyway, will post the picture up here tomorrow, MAYBE. xD

Will update more with pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned for the pictures guys! And sorry, I couldn't write much now because I am so freaking worn out. My eyes are soooooo red because of the contact lenses. My eyes are burning now. *screams* So good night, world!

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