Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Gah, I am sooo tempted to post the video of my mum and dad performing taekwondo acts. Seriously, I've never gotten bored of that video. =)

Just came back from Chemistry tuition and had a great time teasing Chandini. She found her new lovers, which are Cow Dunk and another-forgotten-his-name-guy. xD They're both Chinese, btw.

Here's a picture I would like to flail about :

Picture credits to silyangpilak at Livejournal.

Oh YAMACHII. Am I blind or is that Yamada asking for a kiss from Chinen?! They're always doing this in their concerts. 0.o This is from their SUMMARY concert, paparazzi picture captured on this Monday, I suppose. =D

Okies, going to bed now. Just wanted to keep my blog alive. =)

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