Saturday, July 24, 2010


I wonder why I am sooooo fatigue although today's only our "Mini Hari Usahawan Muda". I guess it was because Wendy and I walked "too much" searching for cups and ice but ended up not selling anything. Well, at least I get to drink Milo whenever I want at home. Good news too. =) I wonder if our class did earn any profit for selling that Oreo drink today. 0.o

At around 11 something, Wendy, SYT and I sneaked back home, fetched by Wendy's mum. LOL. I hope the guard doesn't remember me for my well-known tahi lalat. If he reports to the teacher, we will really be in hot soup then. But well, I don't think we were the only ones who escaped home though. xD

After that, my mum fetched me and I accompanied her to buy paint. I tell you, we waited for around 1 hour there waiting for the person in charge to mix the colours. And guess what? I doze off while choosing the suitable colours. Lol. I slept on the table where everyone was walking around me all the time. How could I have done that? Oh gosh. It must be really embarassing but no choice, I was seriously worn out. No joke. Even after drinking Milo, Wendy. It didn't work. =P

Oh, my bloody phone. At last I am able to receive messages and view my missed calls. Apparently, I have to switch off my phone once in a while. First time hearing this but OH WELL. D:

And now I've just come back from eating steamboat with Auntie Lay Bee and a few of my dad's friends. They're now at my house. I am trying to concentrate on studying but I guess you can figure it out that the plan has failed because I am here. xDD Let's see if I can study after writing this post. Can't put too much expectation on myself though. =P

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