Friday, July 9, 2010


Warning : Major flailings below. xD

Allow me to flail please. Haha. TIME TIME TIME! This video totally made my day and Ding, I had HG session again. LOL. xD

Great things about this video :
  • Yuto's moonwalk.
  • Yamada's expression in the end.
  • Yamada's voice.
  • Takaki's voice.
  • Chinen being grown up.
  • Keito's shirt. (It's written Dropout gave me freedom against boredom) Lol.
  • Ryutaro being so adorable.
  • Everyone getting attention.
  • The lyrics were written by Takaki.
  • Music arranged by Daiki.
  • Everyone's ending pose.
  • Lastly..... This awesome songgggg!!
Oh, I am a happy fangirl. xDD Going to watch it again on Shounen Club this Sunday. After all, watching on TV is so much better. xD And HSJ will be on Music Station again! Another video of them was uploaded on Johnny's net~! Weeee! They are always so bubbly~~


Our exam is postponed to the 13th of August! That's the greatest news in the whole wide world man!!! ^^ Now I can enjoy my weekend without feeling wary anymore. xD I've been thinking that I have not enough time *points to title* to study and now it has been postponed! God! I love you so much! *Dingnism*

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