Friday, July 16, 2010

"Arrival" of JUMP No. 1

So, my JUMP No. 1 departed from Japan, arrived at Hong Kong, departed from Hong Kong and arrived at tanah airku, Malaysia. Apparently, it has found its home at my house today!! Weee!!!

The package.

Bubble wrapping!! Or whatever you call it. They wrapped it in 3 layers. Which took me some time to reach the albums. Lol.

I own ALL of them!! MUAHAHAHAHA.
Well, only one. =( Let's see if Papa Wendy is kind enough to give me hers. Lol.

Back view.

Now this is mine! Haha.

Currently listening to this album at maximum volume. Really really loud. Haha. xD And Sarah, when shall we meet?? ^^

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