Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Experience

The title, First Experience refers to my first experience in attending a class with daddy. xD

Yupe! We're going for a trial Japanese class later. Kekeke. I am really looking forward to it although I had totally forgotten about this class. I was dozing off in the car and jumped up suddenly when my mum asked me about the class. I am soooo tired. Again, failed to finish Puan Yong's homework. Today, in class, we were supposed to finished 2 freaking karangans so that we won't have any homework to bring back. I don't know what's wrong with Puan Yong or don't know which wayar of hers terputus already, she actually didn't give any homework today. But...... None of us finished both, so we had to bring one back as homework. How sad. I wonder how I will survive next year during exam. I can't even finish one karangan quickly. I took 2 hours to finish one karangan. Sigh.. =(

And LOL. Andrew followed Wendy to tuition today. But I think it was kinda worth it since it's free. Puan Yong gave him a karangan to do. And.. It was about Tunku Abdul Rahman? Haha. And poor thing, he had to think of 5 peribahasas to satisfy her. xD And he somemore dared to ask teacher if he should use dia or beliau for Tunku Abdul Rahman. HAHA. =D

Ok, I am going to take a bath now and head to tuition later. Jaa ne~~


  1. Tunku Abdul Rahman is one of the essays in Andrew's book. And it's not free, he has to miss few A1 classes. I'll show you the karangan next time. He used both beliau and dia. I was too tired to correct it for them. Well, let it be.

  2. Let it be~ Let it be~ Oh let it beeeee let it be~! Whisper words of wisdom, let it be~

    Whisper words of wisdom to him. xD

    But he missed a few lessons and got a better teacher in return. ^^

  3. You mean other A1 teachers are not good?