Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drowned in A Pile of Homework

I am feeling REALLY frustrated with my homework now. I can't seem to finish it the way I planned it to. I wanted to finish my Accounts today, but I couldn't. I wanted to at least try to finish one karangan given by Puan Yong today, but I couldn't. I have this stupid headache after finishing the tatabahasa. Freaking a lot. It looks little but it took me forever to finish it. Sigh.

I guess the only way I can release stress is by using my dearest computer. I am still having headache now and I don't feel like continuing my homework now. I am so fed up! Gahhhh~! My holiday is all gone. But I MUST finish all my homework before going to Japan. It's a must, but I doubt myself for finishing them. =(

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