Saturday, December 5, 2009

Memorable Memories

Just now I had loads of fun looking at my own baby pictures with my mum. We digged out our old pictures from the cabinet and flipped through every page. I didn't know I was so cute round when I was little. Haha. And we couldn't stop laughing every time we see any funny pictures. How I wish there was a video camera last time so that I can see how I used to behave. How nostalgic. Too bad I have only pictures to look at. My mum wants me to make a slideshow of my baby pictures so that we do not need to dig out the photo albums again every time we want too take a look at the old pictures because that is considered a really inconvenient work as the photo albums are so deep inside the cabinet.

So.. I guess I'll just try to scan as many pictures as I can when I have free time. Free time as in when all my Puan Yong's homework is done. They're killing, really. But I plan to do them on Monday since there's nothing much to do in aunt's house. I don't feel comfortable using their computer, since the computer is in the living room. Simply means I don't like people to see what I am doing in the net. It doesn't feel good, does it? NO. Monday's going to be a tough day, yeah, no doubt. I'll try to finish most of my homework so that I won't have any stress before my trip to Japan. I am not really VERY excited for this trip, but rather anticipating. I am not excited because 7 days and 5 nights is just tooo short (for me) but I am excited because HEY! It's Japan yo! I've never imagined myself standing the opportunity to go to Japan someday. Bagai orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal. xD I am not even sure if I've used this correctly or not. But never mind. Sigh..

I've deleted ALL my previous post because I would like to start a brand new one, although this account was not created very recently as you can see from the birth date of my blog. My previous post was about a review on HSJ's concert. It's not exactly a review, because I mostly crapped along the whole essay. Ok, essay. It was supposed to be an essay, an assignment given by Cambridge. Since I typed using computer and I didn't know what to post when I created my blog, so I decided to "copy paste" and post it. But I guess that post was kinda good for nothing. Hmmmmm...

Oh yeah! And another very shocking incident that happened today. Ok, I am exaggerating it. Haha. Well, my dad said that he wants to join Japanese class with me! Can you believe it? I couldn't believe my ears when I heard him saying that. I couldn't stop laughing either. My mum too. LOL. He said the main reason for him to be interested in taking up Japanese lesson is because he wants to understand what his Japanese clients or suppliers are babbling about behind him. This is one of the strategies in doing business. xD Anyway, we're going for a trial class next Thursday. But I realy doubt if my dad will continue after the trial class. 1st, he's always out-station and it'll be a waste to pay for nothing. 2nd, his memory is not very good now, I doubt he'll be able to remember all the hiraganas, katakanas, kanjis and vocabularies. Lol. 3rd, he actually said, " I think after attending 1 or 2 classes I will koyak and say, "Sayounara~!" ". Yupe. So I doubt it. =P

Ok, I have this baby picture in my computer that I like very much. Here it is :

I seriously don't know why I like to put my hand on my chin. My mum just told me that it's one of my habits when I take pictures. In this picture, I was actually lying on my dad's lap. So it's supposed to be horizontal but I rotated it to make it vertical. ^^

Ok, I'll end the post here. Bye bye~

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