Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12.00 a.m.

Ok, it's not exactly 12 a.m. now. I wanted it to be 12 a.m. but all the wishes stopped it from being so. xD
I received wishes from SYT, Gorilla, my piano teacher, Cheryl che che and my primary friend, Huay Theng. Huay Theng's message really gave me a big shock though. I didn't expect her to remember my birthday! I am glad, really. ^^ Now I am feeling guilty for not remembering hers. Sigh..

The most exaggerating one was Gorilla. She was so desperate to be the first one to wish me. Haha. But sorry to say, Ding was the first one to wish me. xD Very advance indeed. She wished me on the 10th of December. 14 days advanced. Haha. But it's ok though since she's in Australia now. Thanks Ding! Gorilla, she's not very puas hati with this statement. So I am going to edit a bit. She actually wished me too together with Ding because they gave us my present together. Happy now? Lol.

Back to Gorilla's topic. She har... I have no suitable adjective to describe her. Funny or cute? Funny, cute, 傻傻分不清楚. She wished me "yesterday" on the 23rd so that she'll be the first one. And at 12.00 a.m., she wished me again on msn. And then again, she sent me a message. And then AGAIN, she wished me in Lyodts' blog. Ok, Gorilla, I am here to officially announce that you're the first one to wish me without any shadows of doubt.

BUT! Syt, you were very punctual too! Haha. Both your messages came in on msn at the same time. Haha. So it's difficult to judge. xD Anyway, thanks! Since you purposely came online to wish me. True ahh??? 0.o xD

But too bad, my parents are busy snoring now. So.. Yeah, I guess they'll wish me tomorrow.

Btw, my plan to finish watching Buzzer Beat failed because of all these wishes too. Lol.

Again, thanks everyone for the wishes!!

嬉しいよ!本当に! すごく嬉しかった! 皆愛してるよ!

PS : Aww.. I just received another wish from Jane. And my mum just woke up and wished me. Lol. Thanks!!

I guess this picture can represent how grateful and happy I am now.


  1. Yeah, I am happy now. Happy birthday to you, cheryl. (for next year) =D

    P/S : I'm the first one muahahaha.

  2. Go bang your head to the wall.

  3. Lol. Don't want. I still need to take my results tomorrow.

  4. What a But. Lol. You still haven't finish Buzzer Beat? The ending is not bad too. xD

  5. Lol. She's busy watching it right now. Few more minutes left according to her. Sigh. Is it really that nice?

  6. Buzzer Beat is a drug, that makes me and Shieh Er addicted to it. xD

  7. Not only addicted to the drama but to Yamapi too. ^^