Friday, December 25, 2009

Birthday Celebration

So, yesterday, daddy and mummy brought me for "ho liao", which was Japanese food at Fukutei, Bandar Bharu to celebrate for my PMR results as well as my birthday. I ate A LOT. A lot till my whole tummy was round and my whole body was out of shape. My mum requested for a type of cold noodle which I like very much from the chef and he agreed. I was very grateful because that noodle wasn't in the menu anymore and he was still willing to make for me. Maybe because we're regular customers. ^^

What a special pose, I say. Lol.

Don't know what fish, but I don't like raw food. xD

This was what I ate, Temaki & Tempura set + Cold ramen.

And.. Mummy wanted me to take a picture with her. Lol.


While today, Auntie Lay Bee and a few friends of daddy's celebrated with me at Setia Alam's Soon Kee Seafood Restaurant. And I was again, VERY FULL.

There were more, like crab and 4 types of fish. Oh gosh. Lol.

Oh, and Uncle Jackson brought a turkey for Christmas! We exchanged Christmas gifts too and the surprising thing was all our presents were bought from the same shop. ^^

Everyone was staring at our turkey. Is it really an odd thing to do in Malaysia? To eat a turkey during Christmas? I don't think so... 0.o

After our dinner, we proceeded to my house for further celebration which was the cake blowing and birthday song singing sessions. xD

Auntie Lay Bee bought a Pandan layer cake. ^^

Just a tiny one, since we can't possibly finish a huge one.

I wasn't in the mood of taking picture. SLEEPY.

So.. That was basically how I celebrated my birthday. And they're actually still in my house right now. xD

Christmas is going to end soon. Before it ends, here's a little Santa I saw standing beside me at Fukutei.

Okie, now that was lots of picture. I'll end my post here. Bye!

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