Sunday, December 27, 2009

A lunch with Auntie Eng

I just came back from lunch and a short shopping at Tesco with Auntie Eng, my mum's friend or rather colleague at work. She treated me for lunch at Secret Recipe for my birthday. And.. Guess what I ate?? I ate Noodle in Tom Yam Kung! Oh, I just love tom yam, but I don't love Thailand. *peace* ^^

I may say that this noodle was not bad but pretty spicy. I love it because they put lots of mushrooms in it. YUMMY!

And this is Auntie Eng!

This was what she ate. And guess what? This was the first time she had ever eaten Chicken Chop. She's more like a China lady. Haha, only eats fried rice and noodles. And the funny thing was, she got diarhorrea one hour after eating this which proved that her tummy doesn't welcome Western food. xD

Let's welcome the two Siao Po's!

Mummy's order. I don't recommend this. Not delicious at all. =(

And then.. We went to Tesco to buy some canned mushrooms and I bought mushroom and chicken soup. Campbell. Yummy.. ^^ I saw a Beagle at the pet shop today. So adorable! And it's fur is so beautiful, looked like the colours had been painted on it. xD But he sure was noisy. =(

That's all for today! Bye~!

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