Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transparent Wall

Ok, so like what I've mentioned in the previous post, I went to the Japanese trial class. And the main thing is, my dad FFK-ed me. He said he was shy to enter the class because he'll obviously be the oldest student. I am not very sure but he said it was just a skill of negotiation for him to tell the counter guy that he wants to join. The case was like this. If there are more than one people who join (of course recommended by you), you'll get an offer of RM80 which is the registration fees and get the textbooks for free. So yeah, I guessed he just lied to him that he's considering to join and bargained for a trial class. But who knows, maybe he intended to join but later thought that it's not a good idea and just simply created a reason for it? Haha. xD

Ok, so I am going to talk about my first time in a proper Japanese class before my memory of today fades away when I wake up tomorrow. Firstly, when I entered the class, I really got a shock because I didn't expect the class to be consisting of so many students. Maybe less then 10 but no for this case. And.. I sat at the first row.

Initially, I was treated like a totally transparent wall. I was as if not existed in the class. Well, my assumption is because teacher thought I was a beginner who didn't know ANYTHING about Japanese at all. So, she probably thought that it was a better idea of not wasting her time and energy to explain the whole lesson to me. Until when it was exercise time, I took out my pencil and started writing on the paper, her eyes were like on stalks asking, "Boleh kah?". Then I smiled and replied, "Yeah."

Then, she went outside to ask the counter guy about me. I couldn't hear them though. After entering the class, she seemed more interested in me. WTH. She started asking me questions like..

"Have you gone for any Japanese courses before?"
And she flipped open the textbook to different pages, asking me "Have you learnt this in school?" "This?" and "How about this?" And so.. I replied the same thing to every question, "Yeah~". What a weird teacher. Lol. But she's good in a reasonable way, as in when she's teaching, she explains every single thing clearly to clear every confusion.

Actually, this lesson kinda reminded me of that time when we were studying about "i" and "na" adjective. Everyone seemed to get confuse at the word "kirei" because it's the only special one together with "yuumei" that is in the category of "na" adjective. Yeah, like how we were when we learnt about this. Interesting. I was able to observe quite a lot of things in this short 90 minutes lesson. Well, not very short, but QUITE. The students there are such keen learners. Lol. They were babbling all the time in Japanese and I found that pretty cute. xD

Guys, please don't misunderstand and have this thought that I am boasting around. I am just stumbling across my keyboard to type out what I felt about this lesson. ^^ So, that was basically what happened today at the trial class. Maybe I'll continue next year?  But I don't feel like joining the beginner course and start learning stuffs like "Konnichiwa" and "Sayounara" all over again. Actually, I don't really mind revising over those again, but it's a matter of $$. It doesn't cost little. It's quite a big amount of money. 0.o

Ok, this is quite a long post. Haha. I'll end it here then. Bye bye~~


  1. Wait, if you recommended me then you'll get a discount, wht about me? Lol. ;)

  2. Don't worry, you'll also get discount. *spy for you already* Kekeke.

  3. Oh, but only early birds kay? So decide quickly. Or else no discount for you. Lol.

  4. ^^ I sms my ballet teacher first la. Supposely can. But normally Friday very very jam from A1. Even though it's holiday, it's still very jam. Normally reached home after 7 one.

  5. Wow... Btw, I am not so sure if we can join halfway or not har.. Yeah, we might be late lor if that's the case.. What to do? Or you can join Saturday? That's a better option though..