Tuesday, December 22, 2009


LOL laziness has grown in me nowadays. I promised that I will write in more detail about my trip to Japan here, but ahahah I am too lazy. I was pretty enthusiastic about this at first, but then after writing a summary about it in Lyodts' blog, my spirit has gone away.

Erm... I am feeling kind of nervous for tomorrow because tomorrow is certainly a BIG DAY for me. A big big one. Big as in my birthday when I am going to be 15 very very soon and our PMR results are coming out tomorrow! What a coincidence is that? At first I was informed that it's coming out on the 28th but they changed the date for whatever reason it is. But it doesn't make much difference though.. Only 4 days difference. The only difference is that I am going to either get a heart attack or tears of happiness 4 days sooner, that's all about it. xD May the results turn out well. *4 fingers crossed with eyes closed*

And it ALSO means that Christmas is getting nearer and nearer! 2 days more! How great is that? Not great for us Malaysians though, no White Christmas for us. Haha. xD Hmm.. How I wish that I am in Japan on Christmas day, it will be so pretty with all the neon lights and decorations. But even before Christmas, they started to decorate the whole city already and I am pretty glad about that. ^^

Pretty, no? Oh, I just love Christmas.

The holidays are pretty boring for me excluding the week in Japan. I am all alone at home. Sigh.. I can only chat with my friends in msn without meeting them face-to-face. But never mind! Tomorrow we'll be able to meet each other and they'll receive their souvenirs from me. I am currently watching Buzzer Beat, which in my opinion is a great drama. I love how Yamapi played the basketball and how Keiko played the violin. Beautiful. Keiko's pretty. ^^ And I cried at episode 7, so touching when they talked through the window with Riko crying and Naoki looking at her with those beautiful eyes. Aww... This stuff just doesn't happen in real life, does it? I don't think so..

They made Yamapi look so small in this drama. I don't think he's small but with him standing beside all the basketball players, oh dear, he seems so short. Haha. 175 cm.. Around the height of my dad. xD There is this very hilarious part in the drama.

LOL They were comparing each other's body. And they commented that Yamapi's breasts are bigger than a woman's. Quite true though. xD

He looks like a small kid with an extremely big head and short legs in this picture. Haha.

Aww.... ^^

Syt told me that she's going for ice skating class today. I'll pray for you! Don't fall down too much. Make sure you go to school safely tomorrow without any of your body parts missing. Kekeke. =D


  1. I'm back safely! i cried at that part too, so sad right? But you definitely fall in love with the part after that, am i right? LOL