Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun, fun and fun!!

Yepps! Today I went to Wendy's house with the others for the so-called reunion party or themeless party. xD I think it was soooo fun. ^^ I really had a great time there. Especially during the karaoke session. I didn't enjoy that much though during the poker cards session as I am not good in playing poker cards and I only got back RM1.50. But right now, I have no idea where that money has gone to. Wendy, if you happen to find it, please inform me. Lol. I remember putting on the table.

We sang lots of songs although I didn't really sing. I did sing but I held the microphone way too far away for them to hear my voice. Clever me. xD Xiao Yan sang too, surprisingly! Of course, SYT would make the whole karaoke set hers. LOL. Even Andrew got afraid of her and hid in the TV room. Haha. No offence, I am just kidding.

And then... Everyone went home except me. So, Wendy took this opportunity to teach me on how to edit pictures for our blog header. And... I did a fairly good job. Muahaha! I consider myself the cutest in the picture. I will leave it as a surprise first. ^^ And might be uploading it to our blog during Chinese New Year since that header was meant for CNY season. Hmm.. Had a great time chasing Wendy up and down her bed too when she didn't wanna return my camera to me and said that if she spoils the camera, it would be a compensation for spoiling her chair. Haha. WTH?!

So.. Now I am busy uploading pictures and I hate doing this when the pictures are taken by camera because it seriously takes a long time. What's more when Facebook is moving really slow nowadays. What to do? I was the only one who brought a camera. Duhh~!

Here's a picture of the whole crew who attended today. ^^



  1. I only remembered that I passed it to you, the 1.50... Andrew wasn't in that picture. And Leven wasn't considered. He played too much yesterday, threw up like crazy this morning. Urgh.

  2. LOL? Who played with him? Prema? Maybe he barked too much. ^^

    Yeah, you passed it to me but I don't remember where it is now. LOL. Anyway, I'll just return the RM5 to you. xD

  3. Nevermind. I'm suppose to give it back to you. The balance of the Delta fees.

  4. I saw wendy passed it to you and you put it in your pocket already...Check your pocket??