Monday, June 28, 2010

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Ah Dar oh Ah Dar.... You wanna see my Code Blue 2?? Kekekekee... I am ebil, I know. xD

Bwahahaha. =P But I really want the RM50 one. So much prettier, the cover. =(

I've bought this also! Tokujo Kabachi~!

You know what? My dad mistook Sakurai Sho as Horikita Maki. I almost fainted.

Back view. xD


And this is a disaster!!
I finished my Ghana chocolate! Aww man. I need to buy another one soon and grow fatter. xD

I was bored, forgive me. Doing homework, you see. =D


Something weird happened two days ago in my house. Lol.

Yes, that's a bird and that's my house's ceiling. It flew into my house which made me went, "OH MY GOD!! DADDY IT'S A BIRD FLYING IN OUR HOUSE!!! MAKE IT GO OUT, QUICK!!! IT'S GONNA SCRATCH MY HEAD SOON IF IT CONTINUES TO FLY LIKE THAT!!"

I don't know if it was a big deal but at least it was, to me. xD

-End of blog post-

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