Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking Into My Future & Uncle Johnny

GUYSSSSS I am dead bored!!! What should I do, oh, what should I do? I am starting to hate holidays, I wonder why.

Hmm.. You know what? I am starting to love Arashi more and more. I don't like them for their appearances but for their dorkiness and humour. They can really make my day. I mean like by watching their videos I kinda cheer up a bit. I don't have any specific favourite member among the five of them. I should just say that I love all of them equally. And it's not bad to be in the Arashi fandom, at least my mum won't disapprove and bash them all the time because she's also a fan of them xD However, I don't think I will go so crazy over them and buy all their albums. If that's so, my pocket's gonna burn man. Lol. xD Uncle Johnny is insane, seriously. No joke. Evidences are below :

So, as you can see, they have just released their single, Monster on the 19th of May and now they're going to release another single, To Be Free on the 7th of July which is on the same date as the release date of JUMP No. 1. Uncle Johnny is not satisfied with it yet and decided to let them release an album, Boku no Miteiru Fukei on the 4th of August. Then, again, Uncle Johnny wants Satoshi Ohno from Arashi to release his solo single, Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun on the 7th of July, again the same date as JUMP No. 1 xD.  Then, he, again wants Arashi to go on a tour, Arashi 10-11 Tour starting from the 21st of August to the 16th of January. Pity those boys men, they must be worn out. And Nino just got involved in an accident recently, thank god he's not hurt.

You know what? I've just realised that I am pretty interested in doing business. I might major in business in the future? Nah, maybe not. xD Gorilla just told me that she is somehow interested in doing business too this morning and we both high 5-ed. This was just a coincidence, really. :D It's nearly there naaaaa... I have to decide on what I want to major in before it's too late. I've thought of being a vet and I've gotten positive as well as negative advice from my relatives. My aunt advised me not to become a "normal" doctor and a pharmacist because Malaysia has too many of those already. Gahh, it's not fun at all being a teenager of this age. I want to go back to primary school, mummy!!! *sobs in a corner*

This is specially dedicated to Ding Yan Wen, our almighty God :

Ding, I am so sorry that none of us attended Mrs. Yong's class today to accompany you. This is simply because :

1. 5 hours of tuition of the same subject is just pure insanity.
2. She will basically make us write and write non-stop.
3. I want to save money, don't feel like buying new pens yet.
4. Like what Gorilla had said, I don't want to lose my right arm.
5. We have Mr. Gan's class at night! Are you sure you can take it, Ding?

So, yeah. Initially, I hadn't the slightest idea on what to write about but what made me write so much today? Hmm... Maybe I am just dead bored. xD

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  1. I told Emus that you like Arashi too. I was expecting some expressions, but.. Heh, he's even expressionless than me. He was only, "Oh, that's today's first great news."