Friday, June 11, 2010

JUMP No. 1 Full Tracklist

Hey! Say! JUMP's album, JUMP No. 1's full tracklist is out on J-storm! WEEEEEE~!! And guess what? 6 of them except Ryutaro, Inoo, Keito and Daiki wrote the lyrics for the songs! Kinda unfair but I am still the happiest fangirl ever~~

Tracklist :

1. Dreamer (Lyricist : Yabu Kota)
2. Infinity (Lyricist : Yaotome Hikaru)
3. Hitomi no Screen
4. 真紅/Shinku/Dark Red (Lyricist : Yamada Ryosuke) YAY!
5. ガンバレッツゴー!/Ganbaretsugo! (Sung by Hey! Say! 7)
6. 情熱JUMP / Jounestu JUMP
7. すまいるそんぐ / Smile Song (Lyricist : Chinen Yuri) As expected.. Haha. xD
8. Memories
9. Dreams Come True
10. Time (Lyricist : Takaki Yuya, Arrangements : Arioka Daiki) I have no idea what arrangements mean.
11. Score (Lyricist : Yabu Kota, Rap lyricist : Yaotome Hikaru) Sung by Hey! Say! BEST
12. Your Seed
13. アイ☆スクリーム / Ai☆Sukuriimu / Love scream / Ice-cream?! (Lyricist and composer : Yaotome Hikaru)
14. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
15. Dash!! (Lyricist : Nakajima Yuto)
16. Ultra Music Power
17. Thank you ~僕たちから君へ~ / Thank You ~From Us To You~ (Lyricists : Hey! Say! JUMP)

Of course I am more excited for Shinku and Thank You ~Bokutachi Kara Kimi e~. ^^

Mummy, thank you so much for allowing me to buy this album and thanks daddy for paying it for me!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH!!

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