Friday, June 11, 2010

In Penang

YO GUYS! I am in Penang now yo!!! Well, nothing much to be excited about actually.. I am super tired now. I am currently staying in a hotel called P.P Island. Come and look for me yeah! Lol. xD

Ate A LOTTTTT just now and now my tummy is like.. well, you pretty much know. =D
Let me think.. What have I eaten since morning? Oh no!! I don't remember! I only remember Dim Sum and Tau Fu Fah. I ate something more before these. Lol. Never mind. xD Maybe I'll edit this post when I remember although I am pretty sure none of you wants to know. Heheee..

And to SYT, congratulations, really! It's not that I am not happy you know, because there were so many people in my car so I didn't dare to scream. I'll scream now, okay? *SCREAMS WHILE RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES* Fuhh! Now, that was tiring. =)

Once again, I am so proud of you! Make sure you buy *cough* some *cough* souvenirs *cough* for us Lyodts ya! *coughs blood* xDD

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