Saturday, June 19, 2010

Penang Trip

So, let's talk about my Penang trip. It was an........undoubtedly boring one. OH WELL. xD

On the first day, we dropped by at Ipoh before heading to Penang and I saw this. Charcoal business. *random*

We passed by this shop where they made popiah skins. =) And can you spot Ah Xien's banner behind? ^^

While we were heading to the next glutton corner, I spotted this! Takuya Kimura's billboard! MUAHAHA. Only managed to take a quick and blur picture though. =(

Before we went back, we stopped by at Tambun for seafood.

This was how the river? looked like. We were sitting just beside it.

Take a look carefully. Do you see a wolf? Gorilla didn't though, but I did. xD

The weather was terrible when we were on the way back home. A terrible storm. The clouds were as if they were just a few metres above us. 0.o

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